The Impact of Education on Society

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Education in the modern world is much more than books and degrees and also involves means opening up minds to a whole new world, the world in which there are no geographical barriers to knowledge. Education is indeed a powerful means to remove the prejudices from our mind relating to gender, class, caste or race. An educated person will generally respect human kind in all its forms. The aim of education is not to merely gain bookish knowledge; it develops and enhances the ability of an individual to think and perceive the various situations that life offers. The cognitive development and progress of the academician will obviously have a positive impact on the culture and society in which he/she survives. Thus, education ensures the social development of not only the individual but also the culture with which he/ she is closely related to.

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Schools play an important role in the processes of education and excellence in academics has been the focus of study and research of numerous academic scholars (Purkey & Smith, 1983). Modern education teaches students to accept and respect entire human community and is much more than a good degree, for the purpose of acquiring a highly paid job. Cohen (2006) elucidates that the subjective experience, which a student acquires by way of schooling, plays an important role in personal and social progress. Education in today’s times is a tool with which can be used to transform society, and is the perfect means for the social development of any society. For any culture to thrive and flourish, the education system must be sound. Education creates awareness in the minds of individuals, a new sense of responsibility, openness to change and progress, all of which are important factors in the development of society. Edmunds (1979) asserts importance on role of the teacher in setting high standards of education.

Rational and logical thinking have always been associated with learned and educated people. Excellence in education opens the mind of an individual to think about the issues surrounding life in any situation. Education positively impacts the health of citizens and enables to people to think critically and evaluate the pros and cons before taking crucial decisions about important issue in life, whether it be health, fitness, careers or even the choice of food to be consumed, daily.

Education enables us to think deeply about primary concerns in life especially pollution. Protection of the earth and its environment has never been at such a focus ever in the history of humanity. As educated people, we know and realize our responsibilities in protecting the earth and its atmosphere. Higher educational thinking also fosters a desire for improvement in the quality of life of individuals. In nations where education activities are on the rise, the youth are more mature and level headed. This improves the entire scenario of the nation as a whole as there is reduced criminal activity.

In this age and era of globalization, education is extremely important and besides providing monetary freedom, the benefits of education are numerous, not only to an individual but to the entire society as a whole, which is ultimately the most influencing factor in the success of any nation, small or big. Education is not the window, but the gateway to the new global community. By providing greater stability, education impacts the confidence levels of persons in an extremely positive way, thereby paving the way for greater success stories in the world, now and forever.


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