The Impact of Technologies

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Over the past decade, technology has taken a big step forward and has become an integral part of many people’s lives. People spend time on the Internet, communicating with each other, being at a distance, ordering groceries at home, and making purchases. People have gained access to information that helps them in their studies or work, and now they can have fun even without leaving their homes because there are many entertainment sites on the Internet.

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People start using technology from childhood, parents let their children play games on their phones and computers to calm them down, and students in schools and universities use the Internet to prepare for classes. For instance, with the help of the well-known Google search company, Cadwalladr claims that Google is knowledgeable (Cadwalladr). Previously, people sought personal meetings, and recreation in nature, and gained knowledge from books and encyclopedias. Although technology has made life easier in many ways, it has also impacted communication between people.

Now there is no need to go all the way to the post office to send a letter or postcard. Moreover, students do not need to spend time in a library with many books to find the information they need. They cannot meet with friends and relatives in person, but call them by video link or exchange greetings through quick messages on social networks. As for computer technologies, they give people the opportunity to have fun, as there are many games, not only modern but also classic, such as chess. The United Soviet champion Kasparov played chess with a computer and lost to it because the computer, thanks to the prescribed algorithms, thought its moves were seven steps ahead (Thompson 343). Undoubtedly, this is very convenient, but the number of personal communications has decreased, as it is now more accessible for people to stay at home and not go out. Such isolation can lead to stress and anxiety, as face-to-face personal communication and fresh air at home are not available.

The Internet has made communication more accessible and cheaper because now they can write an email or call anywhere in the world without spending a lot of money. There are many social networks where they can find their soulmate, make a date, and chat. Parents can easily and quickly contact their child who studies and lives far away from them. Of course, this is different from personal communication, but it still makes people’s lives much easier.

Social networks have a significant impact on human life, and many do not even realize how much they are under this influence. With the advent of digital technologies, an extensive database of people worldwide has emerged. Recently, technology is opening up and making users ‘ data more accessible to everyone who wants to get it. With the help of Instagram and Facebook, you can find out what a person is interested in, how and with whom he spends time, and where he works. Some people attract the attention of the audience through photos. To interest their audience, they sometimes commit completely unjustified actions or actions that may be unsafe for their lives and the lives of people around them.

Technology helps people to be closer to each other, as it has become much easier to communicate with them wherever they are. With the help of modern technologies, they can find people with whom they studied at school or college, but after graduation, they lost contact with them. Children can send their parents to travel photos from another country at any time. They can also keep in touch with their friends and share the news with them. With the help of a computer or phone and the Internet, they can find a loved one or new friends, and it’s worth it to learn how to use all the available resources and technologies.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to control their life by posting personal information on social networks, as an attacker can use this information. Many social networks are considered insecure because they display a lot of their users’ data and have unsecured internal access codes to this information, so much so that any more or less advanced hacker can access them. Cadwalladr, in her article, quotes Tambini, who claims that Facebook is not responsible for the safety of data (Cadwalladr). Perhaps, nowadays, people have become more careful to filter the information they put on public display. However, the desire to attract attention still very often takes hold of a person.

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In the modern world, almost every child, adult, and the older person has a mobile phone or smartphone, with which they can quickly contact their family, loved ones, and friends. This will help them always be in touch and maintain relationships wherever they are. Through social networks, they can create interest groups and help someone in case of trouble. For example, in a group of literature lovers, people can share their impressions about books, give recommendations, and get acquainted. In animal welfare groups, they can actively attract people to be caring and help homeless animals in trouble.

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