The Importance of Daily Logs in Criminal Investigation

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Daily logs are documents which are associated with several activities such as crimes. The daily crime logs are usually published after proving out that they are in compliance with both the centralized as well as the laws of the individual state. This however entails persistent reporting from the national desk to facilitate consciousness with regard to the matters of security. Students who undertake the study in the field of criminology may at times be required to keep daily logs showing the various activities of the criminology program such as investigations. Therefore this paper will focus on the importance of daily logs, individuals responsible for keeping them and their contents.

Daily logs usually derive their significance with special emphasis on the type of individuals using them. Logs associated with crimes help to augment understanding in matters related to security. Filling out of daily logs enables an individual to demonstrate his position and comprehension of an issue. Through daily logs, an individual is capable of offering resolutions to disputes and also demonstrate proper management skills and follow the progress of the development of an activity. One can be capable of realizing the course by which the issue is headed.

Daily logs are mostly reserved in internships which are Departments of Criminology and Criminal Justice. These logs kept by internees entail dates plus the depiction of activities that have been carried out at least for each day. Daily crime logs are prepared and kept in police departments. The logs enclose some useful information on numerous crimes that have been encountered. The UMass Amherst Police Department daily crime log contains information concerning daily occurrences. This entails both offenses that are not related to criminal activities and suspected criminals arrested within a period of eight days.