The Republican War on Science

Political affairs in the United States have never been so fundamentally affected by science. Over a long period of time, the scientist and the Science were not valued, as significant to the government. One can say that disregard for scientific thought has dramatically ripened with the present conservative group of lobbyists in the government. Bush’s White House was based on the ideologies of people interested in politics and business affairs. It is in time when people need counter actions as for changes in climate. Fish and Wildlife Department delayed the research of stem-cells lines in relevance to other scientific researches. Again, it was made in favor of business and political interests.

This problem of science appeared due to the fact that some scientific researches are being funded by the government. In turn, others are being done by the government authorities. The basic problem is ‘cheap’ politics. This problem of conservative methods will be against science for a long time. Moreover, it is supported by the religious people conflicting with any scientific research. Such an approach is based on their apprehension of the world. Hence, the government will definitely keep such a situation considering so-called moral aspects.

The tension began growing over time. For instance, when Yale was attacked by William F. Buckley it was really felt throughout the country. The coercion hit the political mainstream during the Reagan presidency. Due to his support of the industries and the religious sides, he solely destructed a scientific urge. The Bush administration had in-depth problems, unlike the other administrations. For example, there are no forces that could counterbalance decisions that were made earlier. The Bush administration had abused science in various ways. First of all, it is about editing the global warming part in Environmental Protection Agency’s report which was first reported by The New York Times. The policies that were made contradict recommendations on research. It is due to the fact that communication means between the political class and the intellectuals are long forgotten. There are a lot of risks associated with disregard science. Some of them are teaching Evolution Theory at schools in the wrong way.

Information is being provided vaguely in order to fit the office occupants’ needs. On the other hand, it is being disregarded completely, even if there are issues that have been researched by relevant persons or authorities. Policies being pushed by the Republicans refused to release reports that were related to science. These are the issues that the federal government disregarded just for political gains and business mileage. The appointees are all agenda-driven. This really affects the policy formulation and implementation. Policies are being made to suit the political agendas. The political class stays there to blame science. Conservative Christians who know little about science are also involved in the decision-making process on scientific matters.

Scientific issues being misused include stem-cell research, missile defense, weather changes in a global dimension, evolution among others, etc. This has been the trend of the policy by the Republicans. It is their well-known phenomenon since they similarly detest health, safety, and environmental rules and regulations, besides making abortion legal. The war on science is an American issue, as it purely talks about the Republicans now and in the past.

There is a need to differentiate the relationship between funding and science. Some companies use scientists to come up with technologies that could resolve their charges against environmental pollution or health hazards matters. Funding is good, as it promotes technological advancement. Also, it is good in promoting innovations.

Journalists are recommended to learn in their schools’ points on understanding science and statistics not only in terms of the editorial norms. Religion has also been seen, as one that “battles” with science rather than “stays” on the same side. It takes science to be on their side, especially in terms of health matters like in the case of abortion. Religion has also extended its claims for a situation with climate change, sexual education, or stem-cell research among others. Religion has changed ways of operation, as it now utilizes domains with the national think-tanks. They are no longer on the pathway of science creation but rather on the features of intellectual design.

Science is the most respected field of study, as it is full of abstract things that are normally proved by research. Hence, it can be adopted for policy implementation aimed at a good change and accepted by society. The public still has faith in science, as it is seen in peoples’ quest to have more knowledge in terms of scientific thought. Science and religion should be on the same side at any time. Just like religion, science should have its own extreme end. Laws should state their direction toward scientific support. Society should keep a strict eye on the government. Global warming is an issue that affects all of us. Hence, we should not restrict scientific methods. It is good for the purpose of a better place to live in.