Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

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A power outage is the failure of equipment or equipment due to power failure. A power failure has been a major problem for both the industrial and domestic sectors. There have been issues of basic equipment in the housebreaking down due to power failure. Issues of television sets, fridges and even ovens breaking down due to this menace are very common in the current households. In the industrial sector, machines break down daily due to the power failures which occur very frequently (Brown 20).

Definition of a power failure and its effect

Electricity is indeed the source of power for most individuals currently. This implies that any slight interruption in its supply would lead to the suffering of several individuals. The data used in hospitals, institutions, offices, airports, and homes would be lost with the failure of power supply. For this paper, the HL and Wilman Company have also experienced the problem, and I have to provide solutions to the management. Unfortunately, power failures are inevitable due to brownouts, spikes, sags, and surges. Therefore, it is paramount to have a reliable and uninterruptible power supply like the UPS in most of the sectors.

Power failures are a threat to human life. Uninterruptible power supply becomes very synonymous with continuous power failures (Maniktala 45). The UPS can generate electricity then pass on to the electrical appliances to run should the mains fail to release power due to factors like faulty wires, sags, and surges. They also protect the electrical systems from damage due to physical factors, which could have, occurred due to fluctuation in the voltage. They are usually linked to battery packs that are charged to dispense electricity during a power failure.

Instituting uninterruptible power supply systems

There are two models of uninterruptible power supplies. These are the on-line mode and offline mode. The online mode operates even when the power is on while the offline mode operates when there is no power (Maniktala 45). The online model operates automatically when altering the situations while the offline must be operated manually to give it a start. Major stores that use on line models get booming businesses because they never cut short of power supply.

Types of power supply systems

There are two types of power supply. These are the AC and the DC, and AC is a variable type of power supply (Brown 22). It is usually prone to fluctuations in the voltage. This makes it the best in controlling the power failures as it will alternate to another form of power supply once the mains go off. THE normal AC line is in the order +/- 10%. This can go to higher levels when overloaded. When testing for stress issues like the weaknesses in the circuit line, the AC variable power supply must be used. AC was used in the correction of brownouts.

The voltages generation is by the use of transformers. Autotransformers can as well serve as the transformers (Brown 22). The transformer has multiple taps that help the switches in alternating the current. The most common AC used in monitoring the electric flow is the voltage, current, and power. Some products like the B&K Precision model 1655A are available for both variation and isolation. It is very applicable to soldering iron. The DC power supply is a little different from the AC. This simply fixes the power directly without alternating the current.

There are different types of DC power supplies. These are as follows. The battery eliminator is the least expensive in the market. It is both the least expensive and convenient for business use. They become expensive when one has to work on some battery-operated equipment. The constant voltage supply maintains the voltage set regardless of the resistance placed by the load (Maniktala 45). This only works well in homes and other small companies. Constant current supply will also maintain the set current regardless of the transformations in the resistance of the load. It has some jack terminals between the positive and the negative terminals. This applies mainly to the laboratories. The laboratories need a very safe power supply due to chemicals available in the laboratory.

Multiple output supply contains three DC outputs. They are useful and cost-effective but give very low voltage for the company (Brown 23). However, it can be used in timed operations where the power requirement is at some times. This would come in handy to the company should they need a power supply that timed but with low voltage. It also needs a computer to operate.


To crown up the issues in this paper, I hereby find it to be necessary to avert that the AC power supply is the best alternative power supply for the company. Other types of DC supply may be used to back up the AC. The AC supply power can alternate the current, and this makes it very viable to be used in the power supply line which is ever failing. This would enable my team to work efficiently and clear the work in time as stipulated by your company. The efficient and timely clearing of the work will squarely depend on the power failures experienced in the premise. Therefore, it is paramount to consider this issue before others.

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