Why Is Bloodchild by Butler Philosophically Interesting?

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It means to be human when one can pass information through symbols, words, body posture, and facial expressions. From the story Bloodshot, it is clearly illustrated where Gan has a conversation with his mother during a delivery process by T, Gatoi. As they continue to have the conversation, they also demonstrate that they can feel pain and have a sense of humor. In the story, Gan also shows that he has a sense of humanity by demonstrating that he knew well that birth was painful and bloody. He could not advocate for it and could not deny that it was the only most productive thing that existed between the Tilac and the Terrans.

Artificial intelligence is possible; from Bloodchild, T Gatoi shares a friendship with Gan’s mother. She thinks of her place as her second home. The writer depicts it as a love story between two different individuals. Applying the same scenario to human beings and technology, we realize that humans depend more on technology gadgets hence developing a more dependable relationship. According to blood child, there is a specific scene where Gan holds the gun, which makes it possible for us to see that he could overpower T’Gatoi. Human beings’ technology has become more powerful than theirs. Technology has become more potent to the extent it can kill human beings if not used properly. In the future, Butler tries to illustrate that when humans are integrated with technology in the same environment, then it will be more powerful.

Value can be defined as the degree to which humans value things or objects. On the other hand, values are fundamental beliefs that can motivate actions. They also define humans through their interactions with each other, among others. Referring to the Blood Child, we can see T Gatoi sending Gan to slaughter an animal to signify the occasion. Gan does not know how to kill using a knife; he finds a hidden rifle the Terrans cannot use. He goes on killing the local animal called archti, but since he does not want them to realize that he did not use the knife, he goes on and hides the rifle. T’Gatoi understood the value of giving birth; that is why he sent Gan to kill a large animal to mark the big occasion.