Windows as a Perfect Network Operating System

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A network operating system (NOS) is an operating system (OS) that allows essential functions of a computer. The operating system manages the computer’s resources, organizes a user interface, and provides and performs services for applications software. The OS also handles network users, maintains a network connection to the server, and extends the file system, enabling users to view files and folders on all computers in the network. A network operating system additionally provides security to the users of such a network. It checks the user’s login details to verify if they are correct before allowing them to log on to the network. The NOS allows a user to access a network drive where files and folders are stored and enables multiple users to access and share files saved in the same drive (Studiawan et al., 2019). Examples of system software include Microsoft Windows Server 2008, UNIX, Mac OS, Artisoft’s LANtastic, Banyan VINES, Linux BSD, and Novell NetWare. The paper will discuss why, as a network manager in a medium-sized company with multiple computers, I will opt for Microsoft Windows as the Network Operating System to use.

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Windows is the most popular and well-known operating system for all age groups of computer users. From the earliest Windows 95 to the latest Windows 10, it has been the operating system that is compatible with most computing systems (“What is Windows 10,” n.d.). Its most significant advantage over other operating systems is its user-friendliness (Terplan & Morreale, 2018). Windows is easier to use than UNIX and MAC and will be convenient for the salesmen to use from their workstations (Pogue, 2019). Its interface allows users to access the operating system conveniently, irrespective of the device with which they interact. Specific features of a well-designed user interface in Windows include fewer clicks, faster display, transitions, and dragging. These features are what have maintained users who are loyal to Windows for all these years.

Windows operating system can be supported on a wide variety of hardware builds. Hardware vendors prefer to produce drivers that are specific to Windows because a more significant percentage of people use it. For this reason, it will be easy to store and access files on hard drives without worrying about the risk of crashing due to incompatibility. Windows OS is also compatible with most printers, thus increasing convenience for users. Windows operating system’s scalability is high and has a great user interface. It refers to a system’s ability to increase performance due to changes in application and system processing demands. Windows can accommodate a large amount of data while maintaining consistent and acceptable performance levels according to user demands (Studiawan et al., 2019). It proves to remain stable while adapting to changes, upgrades, repairs, or even resource reduction. This makes it a perfect fit for the company’s network operating system.

Windows has not proven to be the most secure operating system in the market today, as it is still prone to viruses and malware attacks. However, as the company’s network manager, I will set measures that secure the computers and reduce the risks of viruses and hacks to our computers. Each user will have to update the programs on their devices to the latest versions every week to prevent hacking. Web browsers, antiviruses, and firewall software will also be updated to avoid any trespasses.

The users will encrypt all data in the computers. Authorized personnel in the company will use a tool such as BitLocker in Windows 10 to encrypt their data to avoid information leakage cases if devices are stolen. All 70 computers will have the Windows Defender Security Center to protect the devices against malware. Ad tracking will be disabled on all the computers to prevent marketers from sending advertisement pop-ups and exposing them to the risk of getting hacked.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that Windows operating system remains the most preferred OS because of its prevailing advantages over other operating systems such as macOS. It is easily accessible in the market, simple to use, has high scalability, and is compatible with a wide range of printers. Therefore, the Windows OS will allow easy access and sharing of files on hard drives by the users and enable the network manager to conveniently offer support to the server.


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