Women in Business: Leadership Positions

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Women have suffered for a long time because of gender inequalities associated with cultural practices and social stereotypes. Affirmative actions have led to the emancipation of few women, and more needs to be done to ensure there is equality in society. The number of career women has increased because most men embrace, understand, and appreciate the need to give them opportunities to be leaders. This discussion presents the importance of placing women in leadership positions and how this has changed the dynamics of today’s business environment.

Importance of Placing Women in Leadership

It is important to ensure that women are given leadership positions to ensure they motivate young girls to pursue careers that have been traditionally reserved for men. People like Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and Carmen Pereira are some of the famous world leaders. Girls need role models to motivate and show them that it is not difficult for women to advance and seek leadership positions in society. Lack of role models in society makes girls understand that women can’t become presidents, members of parliament, researchers, and successful investors.

Women should be given leadership positions to show society (especially those that are against their emancipation) that they are capable of managing the affairs of their communities. Women leaders will not entertain issues that violate the rights of marginalized groups and thus they will ensure policies are formed to protect the future of young girls. For instance, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was vocal in advocating for the rights of women. There is a need for society to realize that women can be good leaders. This will help men to embrace affirmative actions and support women in their quest for equality. Therefore, women can open their businesses and promote social and economic development in society.

Impacts on Today’s Business Environment

The presence of women in leadership positions has increased the number of leaders in various sectors, and this has improved efficiency in business activities. Women have invested in careers that help them to use their skills to manage big companies. This has led to an increase in the number of career women and transformed the business world.

Secondly, women have challenged men in various leadership positions, and this has promoted healthy competition between them. In addition, it has led to improved services in businesses because people work hard to show their abilities. Moreover, women’s entrance into leadership positions has challenged young girls to pursue higher studies, and this means that there is competition for the few jobs available in the market. Therefore, companies have high chances of hiring qualified and suitable applicants and this has improved performance in businesses and ensured there is competition for vacant positions.

In addition, it has exposed women to the dynamics of the modern world and proved that there is no difference between them and men when it comes to performance. My work experience at the Shanghai Future Exchange has taught me that women should pursue higher education to fill vacant positions that are available in different sectors. The demand for qualified employees will keep rising, and this is a call for women to come out of their closets and use their skills and abilities to develop their society.