An Informal Essay – Writing Tips

In literature an individual can write either a formal or an informal essay depending on the target group. An informal essay is usually more personal compared to a formal essay. A good informal essay contains:

  • A strong structure though flexible compared to a formal essay.
  • Relaxed writing style
  • An expression of humor, enjoyment, judgment and observation.
  • Personalized examples are used and over-generalization
  • Simplified vocabulary
  • Use of emotional language

An informal essay can be influential and enlightening and such an essay is mainly written for gratification. The writer in an informal essay is therefore required to be more personal speaking to the reader directly in a dialogue style and try to evade sloppiness. On the other hand, formal essay writers tend to create a still presence in their words.

When writing an informal essay, it is appropriate to make clear statements on the subject and the body to be more concrete. Usually, informal essays take a journalistic style, having short clauses and being more conversational. In addition the plot is narrowed to create a connection of many stories in one.

A good informal essay should have thought provoking sentences and rhetorical statements, stating the major points in the essay and leaving out the extraneous facts and details. The use of suspense in informal essay writing is recommendable because it keeps the reader involved in continued reading. Its plan is usually less stiff but well organized developing a sense of one’s personality.

The conclusion of an informal essay always lead to be more general when compared to a formal essay conclusion. The language and tone used always match up to the academic level of understanding and theme.