Automated Testing in Ensuring Proper Database Security

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Automated testing is a process whereby a computer application is tested for errors or the extent to which it delivers the functionalities of the user using software designed specifically for that purpose. Test preconditions are used as input and the end results are report utility. This testing does not look too much into the business logic arrangement if the software gives the desired results from the user point of view. Another technique is code-driven testing where it investigates program modules, libraries, or classes with different argument to confirm that the results are as expected. The main merits of automated testing are that it improves the quality of software and its reliability. With automated testing quality tends to be high since you can run many tests with fewer resources and traverse all code branches hence eliminating any bug in the software.

This improves the overall software quality since software will deliver the optimum expected function. Software’s should execute operations the same way each time they are run to minimize errors which may occur. Other advantage includes comprehensive coverage of every feature of the application even the miscellaneous codes which manual testing normally ignores. It also reduces cost in testing since the developer of application does not need additional tester to carry out testing but rather puts software’s in place which will carry out the process. Always software development team need to fully test the functionality of the application as outlined in system requirement specification document. To achieve this by manual testing technique they may require quite a longer time even more than the development time, but with automated testing, less time is used, and effective and efficient coverage of software is achieved.