Distinction Between Polyamory and Adultery

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Polyamory and adultery sound alike for the majority of human beings, but still these two things cannot be so easily assimilated. One should distinguish them in order not to be confused. Generally, polyamory is said to be the philosophy and practice of loving several people simultaneously with honesty and sincerity, which in the majority of cases involves some sexual or at least extremely intimate behavior. There are different polyamorous communities and communes, but as a rule, they are isolated and let nobody know about themselves, taking into account the prevailing moral climate.

Polyamorists say that they accept the realities of human nature and according to their beliefs love is an infinite, not a finite commodity. So in this case with each new partner one’s love becomes more powerful and immense, which gives the opportunity to share this new feeling with another partner as well. They try to reduce the risk of adultery by changing the feeling of jealousy for the feeling of compersion, believing in unconditional love, long term emotional investment in relationships, and true “family values”.

One can say that adultery is determined as any case of extramarital sex, and then polyamorists betray their partners. However, it is commonly thought that adultery happens because of the broken promise to love only that particular person. Polyamorists do not give such promises, so they cannot be expected to live for one person or family. Thus, if both partners are aware of what kind of person their lover is, and they agree to have polyamorous relations, then adultery is out of the question. The main thing is that there should be no deception between two loving people.