Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence

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Language Used When Describing Domestic Family Violence

In domestic violence, there are various ways one can describe violence in a relationship. It is important to note that there is a difference between domestic violence and intimate partner violence. The former means violence between individuals in a domestic situation plus can therefore include not only a partner or spouse but also parents, siblings, cousins, among others. The latter is more specific in defining violence orchestrated by a spouse in a dating or romantic relationship. Many people still view domestic violence as referring to intimate partners. Victims of intimate as well as domestic violence claim that there is no real difference between the two as one can be abused in a domestic situation by a spouse which means both.

Abuse happens within a spectrum of relationships and it is the intention of caseworkers working with children and families to ensure that any individual that is in a hostile relationship is able to access interventions. Some of the relationships include dating, sex trafficking, or whereby there is a pattern of coercive tactics used against the victim with the intention of controlling them. While dealing with victims of domestic violence, it is difficult to remain unbiased, especially after looking at the situation of the victims. Investigating such events and what led to them happening is not easy, and one can easily manipulate the caseworker by acting like the victims. However, ethics ensure that one remains unbiased and examines the case with rationale.

It is important for a caseworker to understand that acting in an ethical manner helps to maintain the integrity of the field. To accomplish that, one is supposed to always approach the situation with rationale. This allows them to consider both sides, how the issue arose, and how the victims can be helped to get better. Caseworkers work with families since it is a foundation of how children will grow up. A good family ensures that a child becomes a better adult in future. Therefore, using ethics guarantees that the future of the child is protected, and thus, the decisions made need to be focused on how they affect them.

Over Representation of Support for Women and Children Services Compared to Men

The male gender has been forgotten and thus, continues to suffer, unlike the female gender. There are many agencies that have committed their efforts and resources to look for ways to support women and children facing harm in the society. For instance, in the issue of domestic violence, many cases are about females and kids. Some caseworkers have become biased to the extent that when there is an issue for them to investigate, they assume that the males are the perpetrators. Even as women continue to claim that they need more equal opportunities like men, the opposite happens on matters concerning families.

There are cases of men who have been abused physically by their female spouses. However, due to unethical practices by some caseworkers, the perpetrators turn out to be the victims, which is not good for the field. It is important that government agencies invest their resources in the fight against discrimination of the male gender. Through such investment, it would be easier now to investigate the issues that led to various circumstances and ensure that men no longer face the issues they do. It is through unethical practices that men have had to lose custody of their children. In a court case, if there is evidence that the father is abusive, it becomes difficult for the judge to entrust him with the child. What the judge fails to anticipate is that the caseworker involved in the case can be biased and provide information that is beneficial to one party.

Men Are More Likely to Experience Incarceration, Sexual Assault, Health Issues, and Social Justice Issues

As mentioned above, women are overrepresented when it comes to issues of domestic violence. However, men are overrepresented on issues such as incarceration, health issues, sexual assault, and social justice issues. Statistics show that many people who have been locked up in prisons in the country are male. The reason for this is because of the underrepresentation in the society. Men are forgotten and still needed to deliver, which is something that leads them to act without guidance. For women, there are many groups that are dedicated to helping them navigate the adult life. This makes it easy for them to make proper decisions that impact their lives positively and thus, remain out of trouble with law enforcement. This cannot be said of men who get involved in activities such as gun violence.

Additionally, due to the harshness of life, men are more inclined to indulge in unhealthy lifestyles such as using drugs and excessive consumption of alcohol. This leads to them developing chronic conditions that ultimately lead to premature death. Statistics suggest that men die younger than women and that their life expectancy is low. Apart from that, males are also sexually assaulted and choose to remain quiet. This has led to an increase in the cases of sexual harassment among men as compared to women.


The best way to show appreciation of evolving ethics, as well as new learning experiences, is through actively advocating for ethical practices among caseworkers. With ethics, it is difficult for an individual to be biased, and thus, the outcome of investigation is reliable. Many families have been left to suffer mainly because of the process in which they separated. For instance, in the case of domestic violence that led to one party losing custody of the child, if there was bias, then there is a high chance that the child custody is granted to the wrong person. This can ruin the life of the kid, which shows the importance of understanding and applying ethics at all times. It is also essential that colleagues discuss the issue of ethics amongst themselves as it creates more awareness.

In the twenty-first century, men have chosen to be allies of women in the fight against domestic violence while also maintaining the respect they have for themselves. It is difficult to continue to support an issue against women while someone has a daughter who will one day grow up and be independent. This has made many men realize that it is good to emphasize on both genders to love and respect one another, and when there are issues, counselling is recommended. Some communities have for a long time looked at the issue of therapy as something that one should be ashamed of, however, it is not true. It is important and can help to prevent issues such as violence against others.