Federal Mandates for Healthcare to Implement Standards

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National standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate services in health and healthcare, otherwise referred to as the national CLAS principles were designed specifically to strengthen health justness, advance the quality of healthcare, and ensure that healthcare inequalities are eradicated in the state. This would be achieved through the provision of an outline for individuals and healthcare organizations. Through this, realizing ethnically and linguistically suitable services would be possible.

The central government dedicates a number of responsibilities to each federal government in the United States. Some of these mandates pertain to healthcare, meaning that each federal government is expected to look into the affairs of citizens as far as health and healthcare issues are concerned. The standard principle of the CLAS standards suggests that each state has the role in offering efficient, reasonable, comprehensible, and considerate quality care and services that are receptive to varied cultural health values and practices, favored languages, wellbeing literacy, and other communication requirements. Based on this, the type of leadership, communication, and engagement should reflect the wishes of each group to prevent conflicts.

One of the federal government mandates is to adopt electronic medical records. This is considered critical as far as maintenance of Medicare reimbursement levels is concerned. The newly introduced bill referred to as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act gives the federal governments the mandate to give healthcare organizations incentives that are meant to boost the adoption of technology in record keeping. In this regard, the mandate is said to support the CLAS standards owing to the fact that the federal government has to sponsor the healthcare sector to realize the desired achievements. The health insurance policy, which is one of the mandates of the federal government, is considered a disadvantage in the implementation of the CLAS standards.