State and Federal Government in Ensuring Healthcare Access

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The states and the federal government should collaborate in ensuring that there is accessibility and provision of quality services in healthcare. Their collaboration is very vital as it helps in overcoming barriers and challenges in creating high-quality services and affordable health care. The states on their own cannot make changes in healthcare. However, they can play three important roles in health care reform. They can facilitate, regulate and innovate changes in health care. As facilitators, they create and oversee insurance exchanges. The states develop insurance exchanges. They manage staffing or enrolment and assist state residents in choosing the best plan that satisfies them. Consequently, the states are a source of information materials for consumers and employers.

The states regulate health insurance plans. With the support of insurance commissioners in each state, the plans are overseen. The insurance commissioners in federal-state health partnerships ensure that the plans sold in the states are against illness discrimination. Fair market practices are offered and the grievances and appeals are overseen. The states develop innovative programs that are targeted to meet or satisfy the needs of citizens.

The federal government should work closely with the states in achieving a sustainable and successful reform. It has to explore the available opportunities and the powers it has over the control and regulation of health care. This is in regard to setting high-quality standards in the sector of healthcare. The federal government has to put in place the regulatory processes. This will facilitate the formation of clinical information reporting needs related to health platforms. The programs use purchasing strategies that influence the adoption of the best practices. This is achieved by handing over the public domain comparative quality data and providing financial, as well as other prizes to healthcare providers with high-quality levels. The health service research that is sponsored by the federal government has been expanded. This stresses aspects that back up the quality enhancement.