Gender Differences in Caring About Children

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There is an open debate regarding men’s and women’s attitudes toward children. Many people believe that women care more about children, while others disagree. It may be challenging to evaluate the “amount of care” that the representatives of different genders express. However, though there is much evidence from various historical events that women spend more time and resources to protect their children and ensure their well-being, it does not mean that men do not care.

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Several factors can be used to assess the difference between men and women in this case. According to Jane Adams, men lack “a sense of obligation for the health and welfare of young children” (qtd. in Carruthers and Wanamaker 838). This statement has been born from observing the men’s actions as fathers in the family. The difference in treating children manifested after women’s legal rights expanded in the 19th century. Various documents demonstrate women’s preference for goods enhancing children’s welfare and increased investments in children’s health and education (Carruthers and Wanamaker 842). However, these facts do not prove that men care less about the young ones in their families. It would seem that a woman knows better what her child needs and wants, while a man needs additional guidance.

Overall, there is much historical evidence that women have a different way of expressing their love to their children compared to men, yet it does not mean that men are careless and indifferent. A mother prioritizes goods enhancing her children’s well-being and invests in their health and education since she knows what is best for them. Being a parent can be difficult, especially for the male part of humanity. Nonetheless, fathers care about their children just as much as mothers do, even though women may better understand how to do it properly.

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