Global Film Industry – India

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The development of the movie industry in India is mostly conditional upon the actions of present-day companies. Therefore, the latter is concerned about increasing its influence by entering into a new partnership with western film production companies (Menon, 2018). This practice has proved to be beneficial in terms of ensuring the growth of the industry. Hence, the example of the joint venture of DreamWorks and Reliance Entertainment in India adds to its benefits.

The two companies have been partners for over the past seven years, and it is sufficient time to make conclusions on the profitability and the overall feasibility of such policies. Another circumstance that reflects the actual benefits of the partnership between DreamWorks and Reliance Entertainment is the fact that both sides came to an agreement to continue this relationship (Menon, 2018). In this way, the reasons for them to conclude partnership were related to their sustainable development and profits.

The trend for Indian film production companies to become partners with western filmmakers is also connected to the overall growth of the industry and its patterns. The country is experiencing a period of consistent development and releases more movies than the United States (Keeley, 2020). Nevertheless, there is a circumstance that hinders progress, and it relates to the change in demand, which is higher for western movies and gradually falling for Indian movies. This way, even the positive environment conditioned by the large market readily available is incapable of overcoming the new situation (Dastidar & Elliott, 2020). Thus, the Indian movie industry’s further development solely depends on domestic companies’ capability to cooperate with western filmmakers. It will help to offer a product suitable for any audience.


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