Hindrances of Moses and Joshua

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Moses is an important character that demonstrates the strength of character and faith since, throughout his life, he experienced slavery and was chosen to lead people into Exodus. When freed by God, Moses and the sons of Israel praised him because their life as slaves was not easy. However, they faced many challenges throughout their journey. Significant hindrances in the lives of Moses include difficulties during the journey, such as lack of provision and disbelief. In Joshua’s life, significant obstacles include him leading the people to the promised land. As such, the hindrances he faces are mainly connected to being a leader of his people.

Another example is when the Israelites come close to the promised land and see that it is occupied, Joshua relies on his faith to overcome this problem and convince others that the land they were promised will be theirs. When comparing these examples to my life, I can say that the main hindrances I face are not as significant when compared to those of Moses and Joshua. Moreover, it is difficult to compare the issues faced by people in modern times to those that affected Moses or Joshua, as they were affected by the circumstances. For example, Moses lived a large portion of his life in slavery, which arguably obstructed his free will and ability to choose or be responsible for his independent life. However, he was given a chance when God chose him. I would argue that spiritually, I do face difficulties that may challenge my face, however, when comparing those to the lack of food or water and travel through a desert, I would argue that the hindrances of Moses were much more significant.