Latino Culture in American Media: Questions to Ask

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The chosen topic of Latino and American media seems to be broad and too general. However, several questions may be used to narrow down research. For example, several questions concerning the media concept can be posed:

  • What are the most frequently used media sources in American society?
  • How many people do use media as the main source of information?
  • Why do some media sources lose their charms?

The answers to these questions can help to clarify some general attitudes to media and its role in modern society. In addition, this information can be used as a solid background to explain why such a topic is chosen and what outcomes are expected to be achieved. Finally, these questions provoke a researcher to evaluate their readiness to work on the project.
The next line of questions may be connected with the identification of Latinos as the main topic for consideration in the US media:

  • Does coverage of Latinos in US media have a positive or negative impact on the chosen community?
  • What sources of information cover the issues of Latino culture in the best way?
  • What are the main topics raised in the media about Latinos during the last ten years? What are the reasons for such directions?

With the help of these questions being answered, a researcher can gain a better understanding of how to connect modern media with Latinos. It is not enough to state that Latin communities are mentioned in the media. It is required to explain what outcomes this coverage may bring.