Learn, Work, and Live: Technology and Transformation

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The progress of computer technology continues to change society. For example, smart scales help millions of people around the world keep track of weight, percentage of body fat, etc. Some of them can even calculate daily calorie intake as part of an online program for losing weight. Thus, weighing becomes an everyday procedure for many people in different countries of the world.

Another field where computer technologies are widely applied is education. The learning process has evolved to meet the needs of modern society. Firstly, nobody needs to write down their homework and weekly lesson schedule in a notebook, because all the information is on the college’s official website. Also, with the advent of new technologies, anyone can work remotely, respectively, make a work schedule that is convenient. Secondly, the way of life is also changing, for example, long-awaited trips to relatives are replaced by a call in FaceTime, and a walk with friends can be completely canceled, all the news can be shared online.

Future Tire Concept

To start with, Goodyear reCharge is a tire that is capable of independently changing and adapting to the road and weather conditions during movement; this invention will be very useful in car travel. Its prominent advantage is its versatility and environmental friendliness, as the tire is based on biodegradable material. However, such tires can be dangerous for driving, because they are responsible for a huge number of functions with which cars of 2010-2015 cannot be compatible. Overvoltage and imbalance in tires can cause an accident.

Mixed Reality Glasses

Then, Mixed Reality Glasses is an accessory that allows a person to see fragments from games in real life. Such an invention takes the gaming industry to a new level. The advantage of this gadget is that it enables an individual to immerse themselves in virtual reality. However, such glasses can damage eyesight and even cause injuries due to inattention.