Personal Time Management Challenges

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Time management is a very important instrument that helps to get all necessary tasks done. However, various challenges should be overcome to do things in time. The first serious challenge is interruptions and distractions. These terms encompass multiple external factors. They depend on individual characteristics because what distracts one person is not significant for another. For example, it might be a simple phone call or just some noise from the outside.

Such things always break my attention, and sometimes I cannot finish my tasks in time. It makes me delay my other activities and plans, which negatively affects the entire schedule. However, the most significant interruptions occur when a person is distracted by something more interesting than a scheduled task. To complete every endeavor, one needs strong motivation. However, this type of distraction ruins it because a person starts doubting the importance of the schedule. They get a misleading idea that a particular task might be procrastinated without significant consequences. This problem is very serious for me. There are many sources of distraction that take my attention when I complete some difficult and unpleasant tasks. Some of them include the Internet, TV, friends, and various events.

The second significant challenge is multitasking. It might seem to be a very effective strategy. Doing several tasks simultaneously sometimes is necessary. However, more often, a person spends too much time when switching between different activities. They lose concentration, which consequently worsens the quality of completed tasks. This problem is also relevant in my case. For example, sometimes, I do house chores and listen to audio materials from my course. However, the results are usually unsatisfactory due to the lack of focus while combining these tasks.