Provide a Couple of Social Issues Examples. What Are the Ways of Dealing With Them?

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Social issues are problems that exist within a society and directly or indirectly influence the vast majority of the human population. Some examples of serious social issues that exist today are poverty, gender discrimination, child labor, and hunger. It is difficult to completely eradicate these issues on a global scale, but social education and awareness can help to limit their expansion.


Social issues have existed all over the planet since the beginning of humankind. Many people are aware of current social problems because of mass media, but the world lacks adequate solutions because of ignorance, apathy, and an underestimation of the scope of the problem. For instance, the question of hunger is not relevant for an average U.S. citizen or a European resident. However, some inhabitants of Africa still suffer from hunger, and the problem deserves much more recognition than it currently receives.

According to the latest UN reports, a number of spots throughout the world will be severely affected by famine in 2020. One of the most severe food shortages is expected to worsen in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Solutions must be found through legislative and social methods.

Various humanitarian aid programs, such as the World Food Programme, exist to prevent the potential risks of food shortage emergencies. In addition, on an individual level, people are now able to participate in numerous social campaigns that provide suffering regions with both financial and physical aid.

Another issue of great importance today concerns gender inequality, which is often seen as the unjust division of power and freedom among people of different genders.

Feminism has emerged as one of the most effective ways of dealing with gender inequality. This philosophy now encompasses much more than the fight for women’s rights. Since the first wave of feminism at the end of the 19th century, which focused on a woman’s right to vote, feminism has fought for many rights once restricted to males.

A new method in the fight for gender equality has emerged as a worldwide movement called “HeForShe”, which was first introduced by the UN Women’s Association. Anyone can become an advocate of gender equality in their community, university, or school through the “HeForShe” movement. Another essential movement concerning gender equality is called “White Stripes,” in which men show their support equal rights for men and women by wearing a white emblem.

Unemployment and poverty are two social issues that are closely linked and widely spread. These problems are most commonly seen in countries with a large population of refugees and immigrants. It is difficult to guarantee work for both native residents and immigrants.

Consequently, high levels of unemployment can eventually lead to a higher levels of poverty in a particular region or country. In general, economic issues are more dependent on governmental policies than on individual citizens. One effective way for governments to avoid poverty is to create enough jobs for the working population through the development of infrastructure and manufacturing.