Material Objects in American Culture

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The objects of the material world are easily recognizable in my room, although they only slightly reflect American culture. My place is rather modest, as well as the things that are in it. Next to the bed, I have my cell phone, or rather a smartphone, and a charger for it, and also, there is a can of unfinished Coca-Cola today. On my desk is a computer on which I study and sometimes watch movies, but I do not have and watch TV. The Bible also lies on the table, since I refer myself to a pentecostal religion. My clothes are folded in a closet and are diverse but conservative. An interesting element in my room is the flag of Portugal since I was born in this country and I like it.

Most of my things are not prominent and do not emphasize American culture. Giddens, Duneier, Appelbaum, and Carr note that most material things today are globalized and are no longer decisive for one culture. For example, my smartphone, computer, and Coca-Cola originated from the United States, but since they are common in countries all over the world, they do not emphasize the features of American culture. At the same time, the Portuguese flag on my wall symbolizes the culture of the country of my origin. I believe that the features of material things in my room related to American culture are their diversity and the presence of technologies. In the United States, people have the freedom to express their preferences and interests, and my conservative clothes, or religion, which is not widespread, are proof of this statement. Technologies are a vital aspect of American culture also, but it is not unique. Consequently, the things in my room only emphasize that American culture, like many others, is globalizing.