Why is Community Service Important?

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Community service is suitable for people who are not highly qualified, have a long break from work, or for students. Also, community service is often the sanction that the court provides for the offender to perform.


However, it is essential to understand that community service in itself is not a punishment, but a benefit, as employees perform socially relevant work. Сommunity service opportunities allows teens and students without experience to achieve it.In addition, community services help build the infrastructure of the city and provide jobs in a region where there is usually a shortage of jobs.

Among temporary employment programs, community service groups are the most in-demand by both citizens and employers. It is no secret that there are many applicants to the employment service who find it challenging to find a job on their own due to their low qualifications and a small length of service.

A unique role of public works should be noted in the fight against unemployment. Citizens with long breaks in employment and young people who have graduated from educational institutions and have no work experience and experience are also experiencing difficulties in finding a job.

They act as a standard way of involving citizens in socially useful work. The organization of public works has certain advantages over other methods to combat unemployment. First of all, the amounts received by the citizens employed in this way are significantly higher than the benefits. Public works are particularly helpful in engaging people in rural areas, where there are often no permanent jobs.

It is also important that the moral and psychological condition of people doing public works is much better than that of those who are not employed at all. There is a specific benefit in this form of employment for enterprises as well: the funds are spent on specific socially useful activities that bring profit to the company.

All citizens registered with the employment offices are entitled to participate in public works. When issuing a referral, the health condition, age, and professional characteristics of the applicant are taken into account, and of course, the applicant’s consent is required.