Mandated Reporting Issues in a Health Care Setting

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According to Ramsden & Friendship, the setting is peri-urban with key highways and industries in its environment. The main issues in this setting are domestic violence and child or elderly abuse. In the case of domestic or family violence, mandatory reporting is practiced in situations it is believed someone in a domestic relationship with the client or victim has caused, is causing, or is likely to cause serious physical harm to them. When having concerns that clients’ life or safety may be under imminent threat because there have been cases of domestic violence, mandatory reporting must be executed to help the victim.

The physical harm that may inflict the client includes pain, disfigurement, unconsciousness, infection, and physical contact that may not be pleasant to the client during that time. According to the criminal code section 1, serious harm is any harm that endangers the life of the patient. The cases need reporting to the law enforcement authorities as soon as possible and safe to do so. The police need information on the belief, the basis for the belief, and factual circumstances that make one feel there is domestic violence towards the victim.

Morrison asserts that in the case of discharge of harmful chemicals to the residential estates, the first step should be the protection of the public in that everyone vulnerable needs information and the provision of free exposure protection kits. Then there should be exposure tests and precautionary clinical follow-up. Thereafter, the environment needs protection to allow clean-up to state and federal standards to avoid future spills of the chemicals. The company involved should always accept responsibility and cater to the cost of protecting the public and environment from contamination. The mass media, in collaboration with oversight agencies, should provide the public with extensive and consistent information about the effect of the chemical spill and the interventions to protect the public put in place.