Occupation Safety and Health Laws in a Company

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Many companies have parted with huge chunks of money in payment of fines imposed by OSHA after they were inspected and found wanting. While the fines imposed have not been very huge, there is cause for alarm with the introduction of the maximum fine threshold which revised the rates to almost seven times higher. With this in mind, I would need to put a couple of things in place before I host the OSHA audit team.

The first thing I would need to do is to retrieve my employee records. The Occupation Safety and Health Administration requirements dictate I carry out drug screening before employing staff in sensitive areas like flight dispatchers and ground security. They will most likely ask me for the most recent employee scan records so I will prepare them and store them in one place for easier retrieval. In addition, I will need to prove that employee privacy is kept as per the regulations. The law requires that I only monitor my employees electronically by their consent.

The other important data that I will arm myself with is the files that show records on worker compensation insurance. The OSHA act requires the company o adequately compensate retired workers either who left because of age or any form of physical injury. The aviation repair industry has many hazards and often people get hurt in the line of duty. The OSHA teams will most likely concentrate on this more so I will need enough evidence to prove my compliance.

Once the Officials of OSHA arrive, I will need the compliance officer to explain what triggered their visit and what the exact span of their intended inspection is. I will also require them to furnish me with the employee complaint if it is the one that catapulted their visit. Once they satisfactorily do this, I will co-operate with them. While I have the right of declining to fully cooperate with them and request a warrant, this warrant will not be hard for them to get. In the future, I will Endeavour to avoid complaints from employees reaching OSHA by listening to their problems and finding solutions where applicable.