Negative Impacts of Computers and Software on Society

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Computers and their related software have several effects, some being positive while others are negative. One of the negative effects is related to physical health since it makes people, especially children, forget about physical activities, which attracts diseases that are likely to bring about heart failure, obesity, and so on. In modern society, several games are available online, and many children are reluctant to engage in physical games that maintain their physical health. Additionally, the computer might bring other complications that affect the back and the eye because of extended exposure. An additional negative effect pertains to children’s socialization, as they are likely to be exposed to adult materials, such as pornography, which has an impact on their wellbeing. Research shows that exposure to pornography at a tender age is likely to affect an individual’s sex life and intimacy when he or she matures. Finally, the computer brings about the vision problem referred to as the computer vision syndrome, which is an eye problem that impedes visualization.

It is quite easy to deal with the above-mentioned problems, but it would need the involvement of various stakeholders, especially those that are close to children. For instance, the parent has to be aware of the leisure activities of his or her child in order to prevent the usage of the computer, which, in its turn, would prevent health problems and exposure to sexual material. Regarding the contraction of the computer syndrome complication, it is essential to develop additional technology to minimize the negative effects. The applications of the preventive measures have not been successful because of insufficient information and the lagging behind technology in many parts of the world.