The Various IT Roles in Sales

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For an information system to run well, it requires various personnel to play various roles and give services; for instance, in the case of sales, it is comprised of IT personnel like an IT manager, network administrator, programmer /software trainer, Web Administrator, Systems support/Helpdesk.

IT Manager

An IT manager can play various roles depending on different companies, and IT managers can act as an interface between an organization’s management and IT with the aim of ensuring that the aims and objectives of the organization are achieved as far as applying IT is concerned whereby strategic planning and management can be carried out in some companies in other companies an IT managers can be responsible for offering purely technical directions as far as Managing an information system is concerned.

Network Administrator

The role of a network administrator is basically to plan the network by making the decision about the structure of the network and what industrial standards to apply in the network; the network administrator is responsible for the resources that an information system offers its user, for example, accounts to be assigned to the user, how emails are to be managed, what internet service that the user of a companies’ network can access, the network administrator will be responsible for all the shared resources like shared printers, scanners, and directories, the network administrator builds a custom network befitting the needs of the company, the network administrator is also responsible the smooth running, also troubleshoots any problems that arise in the network monitors activities taking place in the network.

Programmer or Software trainer

A programmer is personnel that is responsible for building the information system’s program. A programmer receives instruction and the objectives of the system from the IT manager and makes it a reality from scratch by building a system that is only unique to that company, from the responsibilities a programmer is the best resource to equip the user of the system by carrying out orientation, training, and updating the users of new developments of the system and how to use them effectively.

Web administrator

A web administrator is responsible for managing access in and out of the companies’ website; he ensures that proper security measures are put into place to guard against any malicious attempt on the companies’ website; he can administer one or more websites he also is responsible for all hardware and software required to run a website.

Systems Support or Helpdesk

Systems support are people with systems knowledge and technical know-how; their function in a company is to provide technical assistance to the user of the system.