Social Disorganization Relation to Organized Crime

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Social disorganization links to organized crime and evolution. The relation occurs due to the breakdown of social systems caused by social disorganization. This fact is exceptionally true in neighborhoods that live under challenging conditions. Members start forming small groups that transform into criminal gangs. They turn to organized gangs as a way of compensation for their lack of wealth and power. They take advantage of the disorganization to weaken the social structure further. They turn to non-conventional methods to achieve success. They maintain their own values and beliefs within the group.

The organized criminal group steps in when the society fails to maintain members. Crime gangs provide products that are both accessible and affordable to the poor. They turn to illegitimate means of production in order to maximize profits. The lack of law enforcers’ ability to curb criminality enhances the existence of organized crime groups. The society contributes to the gang’s dominion through the corrupt leader. The organized group evolves into a strong entity as it commands support from the majority.

The criminal gang evolves as the demand for services and production grows. Some organized crime groups are products of the disintegration of the family. As a way to console them, they view the criminal groups as family. Criminal acts become part of them. The gang may control sectors of the society as the structures in society continue disjointing. In societies with weak family and social control, the rate of criminal activities by organized gangs is alarming. A disorganized society is a high breeding ground for crime groups.