The Civil Rights Movement in the USA

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The work presents a phenomenon in the United States of America in the period from the 50s to the mid-70s of the XX century, the struggle of the black population for their civil rights. The Civil Rights Movement refers to the struggle of black Americans for social justice and equal rights under the laws of the USA. The long history of slavery is reflected in modern life in the country: racial conflicts still flare up, and racial discrimination occurs in the labor sphere.

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The beginning of African American, civil rights movement unfolded before the abolition of slavery. The main development of the struggle against racism and misunderstanding began in the 50s of the XX century (Clayton, 2018). The boycott of bus lines was one of the first and most high-profile episodes in the history of the struggle of blacks for civil rights. On December 20, 1956, the victory took place when an order was received to desegregate bus lines in Montgomery (Jones-Eversley et al., 2017). A manifestation of solidarity was the students’ speeches against discrimination against Black students in higher education institutions. Participating in the civil rights movement, many young Americans faced the unsightly sides of American reality and began to think about the causes of social injustice.

The apogee of the black civil rights movement was the period from the 50s to the mid-70s of the XX century. After the events in Montgomery led to the desegregation of bus lines and the events in Little Rock that contributed to the subsequent desegregation of schools, such personalities as Martin Luther King, Huey Newton, and Malcolm X shone in all their glory. The movement for the rights of blacks in the United States was of enormous importance, which cannot be overestimated. That is why, after the acquisition of civil rights by a black person, the United States was able to fully integrate into the society of states devoid of racial prejudice.


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