The Civil War and Its Importance for US History

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My chosen turning point in US history is the Civil War. This was basically a war of the American states organized into Confederate States of America against the United States of America. The 11 Southern states departed from the United States of America union to preserve the slavery industry. The war ended with the surrender of the Southern states in 1865. The Civil War was a turning point in US history since it preconditioned the victory of a particular mode of life. Moreover, the events during the Civil War created the basis for the rise of the American set of values. For instance, following the defeat of the Southern Confederacy union, constitutional amendments were passed to make the United States of America stronger through the XIII, XIV, and XV bills. These amendments were proposed and passed to secure the future of a united America as opposed to loosely function independent states joined by common interests. This means that the end of the Civil War necessitated the desire to establish a strong uniting bond to create a single nation out of many states.

The end of the Civil War created the path to complete abolition of slavery. For example, the successful modification of the 13th amendment ended slavery by declaring it as an act against humanity. In addition, it redefined the United States of America as a strong, indivisible, and single nation, rather than a coalition of loosely bounded independent states. It showed Americans that civil wars were not the solution to challenges facing the young nation since simply they simply divided people. Therefore, I consider the Civil War as a central event in the formation of the current United States of America. Specifically, this war had long-term impacts on the cultivation of the now matured democracy in the US. Without the Civil War, the US might have disintegrated or continued to function as a coalition of independent states.