The Usage of Twitter in Education

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Communication is very important in education. That is both formal and informal education; this is because it enables the people to get what is being put forward by the speaker. Since communication is a key element in education, several improvements have been done to ensure there is good communication. The improvements include technological advancements and integrations. Information and communication technologies play several roles in one’s education and life in general. The use of the internet has a great impact. With the introduction of wireless technology, whereby anyone can access the internet irrespective of their different locations and any time, has brought many effects in the non technical disciplines aspect. People are now able to communicate faster wherever they are. They can send and receive email through the internet.

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Social well being

These technologies affect the social life of individuals. Through the internet, one is able to make new friends from all parts of the world. They can communicate with these friends and are able to share several ideas through various applications in the internet. These technologies include the chat application, instant messaging and emailing. There are several social sites in the web which enables these interactions. Twitter is such one of the best site which has been used in education and its coming out to be best way to pass knowledge to the students. Teenagers are mostly the people who dominate this site hence their attention on the site is being used to enrich their knowledge. They interact through chat application and connect with each other (Cutler, p. 23).

Diverse skills acquisition

Students are able to gain skills in other disciplines in life rather than formal education. They are able to sharpen their research and writing skills. Technical practitioners are able to guide them acquire these desirable skills. They learn to share ideas with others. For example the use of video conferencing in teaching enables students to communicate effectively with their tutors. They can be able to pose questions and then get their immediate response. They can also share their views with distant students through a discussion. Through online classes students can learn wherever they are. The do not have to make travels and use fuel to get to face to face classes. They can also be able to read online text books. However this type of classes depicts students the chance to meet the mother classmates as in the face to face classes. In most cases students do not have an opportunity to ask questions relating to a certain concept.

Non technical practitioners are greatly involved in the process. They impose the above mentioned skills on individuals. Through these technological improvements the standards of living also change. There are those who can afford the expensive technology and those who cannot afford. This is what is referred to as digital divide. Information and communication technologies also contribute to crime. People perform computer crime using the computers and the internet. Students need to be warned as well to avoid the instances of crime involvement or the cases of the cyber predators. They may hack systems in order to get access to unauthorized data/information. It also makes students using the technology to be able to master the philosophy behind computer software. Technology affects the concentration of students in class work. This is because it gives them opportunities to download and watch videos. They can also get free music and computer games. They get real fun but to some extent lower their full concentration in class. This has been a great problem to teenagers.

Technical assistance

Through twitter, educators and academics are able to get assistance within a very short time when accessed to the twitter. This has been seen as the best way for them to increase their education and efficiency in the acquisition of knowledge. If there has been something which has been difficult to them, they will get the answer through twitter. The class lesson difficulties which are encountered by the teachers and the students are easily handled in twitter since they will be able to get assistance from other people who are their friends in twitter. This is because all the social friends online are different types of people with very diverse specialties which enable them shared out what they know. The educators and the academics will be able to have also moments of socialization and networking online. There have been many people who have expressed their assistance academically through the twitter within minutes and in real time.

The students also are able to get other people who are interested in the topic one is studying hence they can be able to follow one another and challenge one another to really follow it and achieve the best grades. The users are only to choose the list of friends who are able to have an impact to them academically and be able to get adequate assistance. People who are not productive to them in their follow list should be dropped so as to enables them to concentrate on the people who challenge them academically. People who join twitter are able to use it to fit their interests and needs. You as the user is able to choose whatever you want hence going education side is the best. People get to know more about the various weather performances at different places hence its still useful if you are choosing where to be over vacation or the places where you can go for your further studies (Tong, p. 19).

Professional development

Teachers also benefit a lot in twitter. Teachers are able to get more valuable information from other users which will have a direct impact on their profession. The information which can be accessed in the internet is important and learning has been a continuous process to all the users. Teachers are able to improve their technical know how and be able to be really up to date with what is being done outside by others as to the improvement of their area of specialty. Teachers also are able to post all the questions to the students vie the twitter. Twitter is a real time internet protocol which enables the students to access the questions posted by their teacher. This reduces the inconveniences of the teachers’ attendance to class and the waste of resources such as time and money. There can also be the establishment of an online quiz which will be answered online by the students. The quiz application will be useful and on real time application hence it’s useful in examining the students. The teacher is able to send online quiz to the students and they will also be able to answer them online. The time set online will enable the student to answer the question within such a limit. This is also identified as the new concept of communication.

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Summarizing concepts like tweets

The knowledge which is obtained is very important to the students. This includes the ability to summarize the writings into forty words just like ‘tweets’ but self explanatory. The students will be able to learn from other professional users and the teachers abilities to summarize characters to a maximum of 140. Through twitter, students are able to summarize the opposing dialogues just like the tweets. Students should be allowed to access the different dialogue tweets so as to be able to make an in-depth analysis and focus on it well. The concepts which the students are given should be from the viewpoint of the tweets.

Tweets story

The students are able to access various stories which have been made by other people in the form of tweets. This will be really useful to the students as they access the best qualities and be able to take the best and make good use of it. Learning through the tweets is very simple and wide as there are various types which ensure that the students benefits from them. The student will be able to make good use of the tweets availed and can request the others in the network to try complete it. Through this the students is able to get very useful information from various people with different opinions. People will be able to follow it through the network and so as to complete it accordingly. The students will be able to follow them and be able to complete it and make it more understandable (Koichi, p. 14).

Collecting classroom views

Twitter can be used to collect classroom views. This will be done by first establishing an account which will enable all the members of the class to access it and leave their comments there over a certain concept and techniques which can be used in class. The accounts which are to be used to sample in the students views should be different questions. The various questions or topics with which twitter accounts have been created will be used by the students to learn from one another. For example the topic can relate to climate change. This will be able to inform the other students of the various views of the students and the learnt concepts among them. The students will be able to display their abilities application of the learnt concepts in class with the way the outside world should also be treated. The students will be able to post their views which will finally generate a discussion. There will be various points to learn from hence it’s a means of education to the students.


With all these concepts of the use of the net, education will be so interesting to the participants and all the internet users. There will be learning as well as the interaction with various people and concepts which enhances the education of the people. The future in education if the use of twitter is implemented will be so beneficial. There is a lot of time being saved and money use also will be significantly reduced. The parents are able to also follow the conversations between the students and other various scholars in the twitter accounts posing a question. All the people benefit hence there is adequate transfer of knowledge. If the students are stuck in search of the meaning of a word, he/she will be able to get it from the twitter network.

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