Business Operations Management in Galveston

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Business Scenario

Potential implications that result from natural disasters and pandemic events would lead to having to stop the organization’s operations in Galveston. Such natural cataclysm as hurricane Ike caused billions of dollars of damage and killed many people (Irvine, 2022). Despite the residents wanting to build a barrier to protect Galveston’s coastline, similar tragedies are likely to happen again (Irvine, 2022). Moreover, the spread of COVID-19 has affected the whole world, with people losing lives and businesses being closed. Although the organization’s supply chain uses Galveston as a transitional port and not as part of the actual manufacturing process, the citizens must work properly to prevent delays.

Accordingly, possible implications of the pandemic and natural disasters would involve destroyed docks, power outages, and people leaving the port, grieving the loss of loved ones, or passing away. The impact of such consequences would be high because there would not be many options to receive and ship the products (MGMT385, n.d.). The probability is also quite high for the first implication and medium for the others, assuming that the city must have evacuation plans, additional power generators, and preventative health measures (MGMT385, n.d.). Therefore, the assessment suggests that destroyed docks could be ranked as 1, and the rest of the consequences could be categorized as 2 (MGMT385, n.d.). Galveston appears to be in danger of experiencing disasters and hindering the organization’s operations.

Considering that the company operates on a global level, a risk response approach could be intricate. One could recommend escalating the matter, as the risk seems to exceed the authority of a project manager because the implications result from uncontrollable events (MGMT385, n.d.). The case would need to be brought up to a more powerful level of management, and responsible parties would involve the supply chain’s leaders and the authorities of Galveston (MGMT385, n.d.). One project objective to be implemented could include choosing an alternative port so that even though the expenditures may increase, the business would not stop. Another goal could concentrate on supporting the construction of Galveston’s coastline barrier (Irvine, 2022). The organization’s leaders, alongside the accountable project manager, would have to determine the most cost-effective option.

Project Proposal

Creating a sustainable protection system during hurricanes by building a coastal barrier in the port of Galveston

This method will reduce the risk of destruction from natural disasters and is important for several signs such as:

  • During the construction, a ring barrier will be formed, which will cover the island of Galveston and consist of protective screens and special gates, which will allow warning of danger.
  • This system has proven itself well in the Netherlands, which previously suffered from floods, so it is important to achieve federal funding for the project.
  • The use of technologically advanced equipment that does not require periodic repairs due to repeated breakdowns. Such actions will reduce the economic losses of the port of Galveston and the time for monitoring the protection system.

Improving the efficiency of business operations in disaster conditions

This goal can achieve by implementing the following tasks:

  • Increase the flexibility of workers’ work schedules and introduce measures;
  • Shorten the decision-making time and make sure that the timing is chosen appropriately to avoid delays in making deliveries through the port;
  • Avoid prolonged attempts to bring products to market if such efforts do not result.
  • The company should invest its budget in creating a new safe environment that will increase work efficiency in the face of natural disasters and epidemics.

Improving the sustainability and continuity of business in the face of disasters by choosing an alternative port

This way, the following costs, and risks:

  • Management should conduct a detailed analysis of the region to find a suitable port that can replace Galveston in the event of disasters;
  • The importance of ensuring consistency in redistributing supplies to compensate for downtime and recovery fully.

Minimize the duration of delivery and dispatch of the product to a new port. Improved communication between Galveston and the alternative port will help facilitate work.

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