Early Childhood Facility’s Philosophy, Mission, and Vision

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For this question, the website of one popular early childhood education service in California has been reviewed. Harvard Preschool and Kindergarten is located in Los Angeles and offers educational and daycare services to the parents of young children. Regarding the organization’s philosophy, the team believes that children’s future success is predicted by having enough opportunities to explore their talents. Although the statement does not contain direct references to the topic of child safety, it is clear that every service that the organization provides to offer such opportunities, be it dancing or gymnastics classes, should be safe and delivered by experienced professionals that know how to prevent injuries.

In particular, according to standard 2.2 for kindergarten, students in this age group should demonstrate an understanding of physical boundaries and personal space. Judging from multiple positive reviews from customers, teachers at Harvard Preschool and Kindergarten adequately implement injury prevention measures when inviting children to participate in potentially harmful activities.

The organization being discussed does not share information on plans for further development or the so-called vision statement. However, its mission is quite clear and involves helping “little people grow into healthy, happy bigger people.” By emphasizing children’s health, the organization addresses the topic of safety in an indirect manner since students’ health is a consequence of high-quality educational services that meet all safety requirements. Harvard Preschool and Kindergarten offers a variety of classes, including music and art, and measures to promote safety are significant even when it comes to activities that do not deal with physical education. For instance, during art classes, it is essential to use safety scissors or non-toxic pencils to foresee and address even the most unobvious threats to children’s health.