Sermon About Living Without Fears: Personal Reflection

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To reach the emotional core of one’s Christian beliefs, it is paramount to engage in the religious practice of praying with a focus on introspection. Thus, the required outcome of the personal change will be observed. After reading the text in question and using prayer as the method of gaining a more nuanced knowledge of one’s perception of the proposed notion, one may discover the details that may have remained unraveled up until this point. Speaking from a personal experience, the text in question has shown that even in the most difficult times, it is crucial for a believer to make sure that fear and doubt do not obstruct their vision of their spiritual development. As shown in the text, the people that started doubting God’s Divine Plan were willing to lead Moses astray with their desire to give up. The sentiment of finally finding a place where the community of Jewish people could settle was used to plant the seeds of doubt into Moses’s heart and make him fear the possibility of failure.

Given the vast amount of time that it took for the Jewish community to reach the Promised Land, the threat was becoming quite tangible, yet Moses remained faithful to his Lord and continued wandering the desert without a trace of fear in his heart. Thus, the good news represented in the text is quite self-explanatory. Namely, it asserts that, by following God’s will, one eventually reaches a new stage of spiritual growth, becoming more resilient and gaining the strength needed to survive major challenges. In addition, the text teaches that even when nearly everyone is ready to turn away from the charted path, one must remain true to one’s heart and continue trusting in God. Thus, one will eventually reach a new stage of spiritual growth, embracing the fear within and finding the strength to confront it. Personal time and reflection have shaped the text of the sermon to a certain extent. Whereas the sermon ad a very uplifting and optimistic tone at first, it currently provides much more information for serious contemplation. Claiming that the sermon is now completely devoid of optimism would be wrong, yet it no longer represents an easily digestible set of commonplace ideas.