Good and Bad News in Living Without Fears Sermon

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The text offers quite a lot of information that sheds light on the nature of humankind, as well as on people’s ability to cast fears aside. The text introduces several positive and negative facts to its readers, allowing them to draw conclusions concerning their ability to dissect their fears and affect them. The good news is that the issue of fear is evidently manageable and that one can become in control of one’s emotions, thus making the path to personal salvation and an in-depth understanding of the word of God easier. However, the text also introduces several upsetting ideas. The bad news in the specified passage is that one needs to find a very careful balance between the ability to distance oneself from non-Christian ideas and the willingness to remain virtuous, specifically, to abstain from pride stemming from one’s righteousness.

In connection to the specified issue, one should address the challenge of building spirituality as the process of e-connecting to one’s emotional development since, biologically, people appear to be incapable of combining emotionality and logic, as the argument provided by Taylor indicates. Therefore, the passage at hand also implies that the journey to salvation will require a substantial spiritual, emotional, and cognitive effort from an individual, which may take years to achieve. The text offers a plethora of vantage points to consider, the issue of fear as the impediment to faith being the key one. Namely, the ability to cast fears aside as one of the critical Christian principles seems to be the central statement.

In addition, the text in question introduces its readers to the notion of the superiority of the Christian faith as the source of spiritual growth and the path to salvation. Finally, the importance of courage and unity is emphasized in the specified passage very clearly, which is instrumental for keeping the camaraderie of Christian believers. In the text in question, humans play several roles, most of which imply taking action and fighting for one’s beliefs. The specified perspective allows introducing the development of spirituality as an active process. In turn, God is represented as the superior power that provides inspiration and strengths to those fighting for the right cause. As a result, the text stirs curiosity concerning the ways of maintaining one’s spirits high and being able to abstain from fear.