Hardware and Software of a Network System

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A network system contains hardware and software components that enable users and computers to share resources such as files and devices. The following are the various components of a network system:

  • Nodes: these are the computers or devices attached to the network. The nodes can send and receive data within the network. A computer that requests services within a network is called a client. A computer that performs the client’s request is known as a server.
  • Transmission medium: a network system requires connectivity through a transmission medium. A network medium can be physical or wireless. Physical transmission media include twisted-pair cables, coaxial cables, and fiber optic cables. Wireless transmission media include infrared and satellite.
  • Devices: these are hardware components that help in network functionality. Network devices include repeaters, switches, hubs, routers, and network interface cards. Repeaters are used to boot transmission signals. Switches and hubs are used to link several computers together within a central location. Routers are used to select appropriate connections within the network system.
  • Network operating system (NOS) and device drivers: these are software components for managing the hardware parts. A NOS is a program that helps network administrators to manage users and computers on the network. Device drivers are software that enables other devices to be connected to the network and improve functionality.
  • Message application or service: this is a computer application that can be used to operate the network. Services help users to maintain their network usage and prevent any errors that may arise due to improper usage.