Human Right and Resource Development Society’ Review

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‘Human Right and Resource Development Society’ is a potential non-government organization. In the past it played a significant role to promote democracy and human right both in the national and international arena. It took several steps and projects as a part of its pro-democracy and pro-human right activities. It succeeded in some of its projects. But some of its projects failed for some reasons. Among its projects some were taken to raise the working capability of its staffs. Some were taken to implement its objectives. A list of its seven projects is given below:

  1. Tree plantation programs.
  2. Alleviation of poverty in the poverty stricken countries.
  3. Promoting democracy.
  4. Promoting human right.
  5. Promoting sanitation in Bangladesh.
  6. Filariasis Alleviation Program

The project ‘Tree plantation’ is one of its long term projects. It could be taken as a counter step of the unwise destruction of the rain forest in the tropical region. To lessen the adverse impact of deforestation on the environment it should lead tree planting programs world wide. Besides leading its tree planting programs it should work to raise public awareness of planting trees and its good effects. But to raise public awareness is not an easy task. Massive campaign will be needed for it. The allotted fund for this project is insufficient for the accomplishment of this task. Even then a strategic plan can overcome this constraint.

The work can easily be done by getting the enthusiastic youth involved in the work. Again campaign in the grass root level will be effective. A statistics shows that forest of the world covers only 7 percent of the total land area whereas 25 percent is needed for the forest. But to create an example of limited success the project plan can be implemented within the country and 24 months will the expected duration for the accomplishment. It is meaningful for both the common people and the people who will invest in the sector. Indeed tree plantation can be taken as a social business. In comparison to other projects it is easier because such type of task gets easy favour of any people regardless their culture. But if the effort that is needed is counted, it achieves 3 points.

‘Alleviation of poverty’ in the poverty stricken regions is another project. Under this project the organization allots credit for the rural poor people. The credit is allotted to give them scope to find their way of self employment. But poverty and illiteracy go side by side. Illiteracy keeps them blind. So for a short term victory the removal of illiteracy is effective as a strategy to reduce acute poverty. Huge effort, a large amount of fund and a long train of manpower will be necessary to implement the plan of alleviation of poverty. Indeed the money that is invested in this sector promises a reasonable return.

As a result it is able to draw the attention of the million-man of the society. They may find it profitable to invest money in the alleviation of poverty. Again the investment from the banking sectors is also possible. To alleviate poverty world wide is huge task and needs a long time. But alleviation of poverty in particular country can be assigned 60 months to 84 months depending on the socio-political and economic condition of the country. But the starting of project is heavily time-consuming. The administrative structure of such project needs lot of planning, programming and managing. In term of the effort that is needed for this task this project can be given 6 grade point.

Promotion of democracy is another project that possesses any visible features which can draw the attention of the people with proper influence. Though it has few discernible features of benefit, it has a long term effect on the sustainable flourish of trade and commerce in a country. The sustainable environment for trade and commerce is helpful for the entrepreneurs of the capitalist countries. A campaign among the entrepreneurs can easily make the project meaningful to them. As democracy is politics related subject it is supposed to be sensitive for the government of a country. Without effective strategies and effort it is almost impossible to promote the condition of democracy in an inimical political environment.

Massive and visible public campaign may prove to be threatening for the promotion of democracy. History can play the role of a successful teacher for the project manager to promote democracy. The strategies of the non-violent democratic revolutions of the East Europe and of Lebanon can be effective for this project. This project is self supporting in nature when the involvement of the young generation and educated section of a society is initiated. In the light of the non-violent revolutions in the East Europe about 72 months (6 years) can be assigned for the project. In the term of effort needed for this project it achieves 9 grade points.

‘Promotion of Human Right’ in a particular country is a project of comparatively long term. As an image factor this project is meaningful the political leaders of the western countries. The governments of the western countries also show a lot of interest in this subject. Millions of dollars are being invested in this sector. Much of this fund is being spent in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern countries are far away from democracy. So, authoritarian rulers of these countries are prone to violate human right. The task gains 10 grade points for it onerous effort.

Promoting sanitation in the third world countries (Bangladesh) is a morally backed and profitable project for the organization. In this project the organization is supposed to win both the moral support from the mass people and the profit by selling the sanitation materials. The project is the easiest of the seven projects mentioned above. It is meaningful for both the respective governments and the people. The administrative structure of this project is very simple. A project manager and few other administrative personnel can run the whole project with a sufficient manpower. This project could be dynamic if the profit is earned through the sale of the sanitation materials. If sufficient manpower is provided, the project in a particular country can be assigned 18 months (one and half year). This is one of the easiest of all. It can be graded with 1 in the grade scale.

The organization is presently working with the governments of the south East Asian countries (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan) in the Filariasis Alleviation Program. The duration of this programmed is 36 months (three years). With a target to alleviate Filarasis the project is leading massive campaign of supplying anti-filarial medicine among the mass population. The project is enjoying the assistance of these welfare states. The table of the projects is given below:

Name of the projectsDurationGrade
Tree plantation’24 months3
Alleviation of poverty’84 months6
Promotion of democracy72 months9
Promotion of Human RightLong term10
Filariasis Alleviation Program36 months2
Promoting sanitation18 months1