Presenting a Project Concept to an Architect Personality

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One of the good things about the INTJ personality type is that they are insightful and mentally quick, diligent in pursuing new ideas and thoughts, and in addition, very resourceful. This makes it even easier to communicate to them in such matters involving complex and risky concepts. For that matter, I will approach my director with such a message:

“Hello Boss. Over the last few weeks, I had this idea about this project concept. The concept is about bla..bla..bla… Please have a look at it. I believe it is quite essential in the development and expansion of the company, a thing you have called on all of us to embrace. However, it appears to be a bit complex and risky, but I believe that after you go through it and after evaluating it, with the wealth of knowledge that I have known you to have, this project concept is attainable. Sir, your positive criticism and moral support cannot be eluded in such a situation. That is why I have decided to present this idea to you and seek your counsel so that we see how we can reduce the complexity and the risky factors in this project concept.”

However, it is not an easy task to present a complex and risky project concept to a director who is a personality type INTJ. According to, a person with an INTJ personality type tends to be single-minded or stubborn; not taking sufficient account of current reality; and to some extend not expressing appreciation for the contributions of others, especially where he/she hasn’t been fully competent. But that alone cannot be a stumbling block as such, especially if the concept is such an essential element towards achieving the goals of the company. With a message like the one above, which is intended to engage him/her and also, to some extent, make him/her own up the idea, I tend to believe he/she would be convinced to own up the matter and where possible seek to improve on it.