Information System Technologies and Their Importance for Business

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Technology is important in the daily operations of companies in modern society. It’s being relied upon by the companies as it helps enhance communication and increase efficiency in the working environment. Technology has a major role in establishing and maintaining a well-developed company through the utilization of emails, mobiles, and innovation in the information system. Technology is a necessary tool to be explored by the company for the improvement of services, production efficiency, distribution, and excellent management of information and business processes. It is very easy for the company to establish a synchronized information technology especially by utilizing the joint facilities of voice and data, and the communications via mobiles.

The Company by embracing the technology change will benefit a lot from the service as there is no other choice but to utilize them to overcome the high competition. This is supported by the remoteness of various locations of the company employees whether in the country or other countries hence utilization of technology such as VoIP is very important. The convergence of networks is very important as this will enable the combination of various functions of the technology for better and increased improvement in company business processes. If the technology being used is fast and accessible, then the business of the company will be greatly increased (Abramowicz, 2009).

Information system technologies

To avoid the paper office, electronic document systems are utilized as this will enable the company employees to get access to the company documents and files at any time and in any place, they are in the world without any limitations. This will enable the employees who are in other countries to use the same information that is being used in the country where the company was incorporated. They will be able to share the documents and files hence the services delivery is high and all the customers will be served in any country they go where there is a branch of the company.

With the rising competition and the demand of the customers for a faster and reliable technology, this will be the most viable technological change ever in the world. Customers want to be served easily and in a faster way. They want online trading as an example where they have not involved themselves so much. They want a technology that enables them to buy and sell in the simplest way possible. This type of technology will also enhance the employees’ participation in the company processes as their involvement is simplified.

The websites of the company which has been used as a shop window will be incorporated to have systems of the back office. This is a scenario where all the company’s operations are availed on the website in one window. As an airline company, customers will have to place an order for their favorite meal to consume while in flight besides selecting where to seat and booking the flight. The use of tickets will be minimal and administration of various processes should be modernized to enhance optimal efficiency.

With the increase in the utilization of internet services, business processes will also be incorporated hence benefiting the company in a great way. This will also increase the customer’s ease in accessing the information and distribution of knowledge which are the key functions as the customers interact with the company.

Technology is very useful in the execution of various strategies of the company such as planning and compliance with the increasing legislation. This necessitates the provision of backup in case there is any unexpected disaster. The company will be able to keep data in electronic form and reroute the voice and data through the internet, hence there are minimal chances of interfering with the information and the company systems.

The scenario which can be used to illustrate this is when there is flooding in the region where the company is situated especially in a remote country recovery of the information will be very easy and involves the utilization of intellectual exercise. The management of the entire company will appreciate the fact that technology has a lot of benefits and should be utilized in all levels of decision-making and coordination. Information technology enhances efficiency and it is being incorporated in the company strategically in decision making and in increasing the efficiency in business operation. The world we live in is undergoing tremendous technological change at a faster rate and being ten years old in the 21st century, we should move with the change (Hitt, et al., 2008).

The management information system when implemented across all the company’s branches across the world will be very useful as it enables the strategic monitoring of the entire business operations every second. The implementation of the technology also will link various operations of the company such as manufacturing, finance, sales and marketing, and human resource management.

As the management of the company, there should be the implementation of the document technologies and the storing of records technologies for the global purposes which links all the company offices across the whole world. The global supply chains of the technology will be enabled through the sharing of data, sending information to all the various parts of the world within a blink of an eye. This is the globalization of the information technology infrastructure. Globalization of the information technologies in the implementation of the global supply chains includes the utilization of various technologies which enables the global IT infrastructure to be established. They are discussed below in detail and how each is useful to the company.

Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) – This has been in use for a very long time now but still it’s preferred by most multinational companies throughout the world. This is the prime strategy used by many companies across the world. It is beneficial to the company’s operation as it links all the operations with all the branches, business partners, and other third parties. This type of technology used in exchanging information enables the company and all its subsidiaries across the world to place orders from one global clearinghouse.

Enterprise Resource Planning application (ERP). This is an application used by the company to link all the departments of the company and the business processes. This enables the company to globalize all its supply chains by establishing an end-to-end system. This enhances the productivity of the departments throughout the world by delivering the same kind of service to the customers at a reduced cost. It is easy to manage as the system is used to locate the operations of the whole business globally and the flow of the information (Tan, et al., 2009).

SAP enterprise software- This software is owned by a German-based company that is well established in the creation and improving the software used by companies in their operation. This type of software is used by the company to globalize its operations. The technology is so beneficial in putting up standards that enhance data exchange. This is so useful to the company especially if the supply chain of the technology is closely joined together.

The company needs to explore the Electronic Document Management Technologies which will enable the establishment of competitive advantage globally in its infrastructures. EDM comprises several unique technologies which are useful to the company in the retrieval of information and data, operations of the business globally, storage, and the overall management of the company’s documents which are established in the information system. EDM is very important in the management of unstructured documents.

These are established by desktop computer systems which are very useful in organizing the production of all the electronic documents and enabling an easy way to access them and distribute them over all the networks. This will be utilized by all the levels of enterprises in the company from all over the world which brings closer the activities of the company (Rajagopal, 2009).

EDM enables the retrieval of full-text documents which are stored in form of words, contexts, or phrases. This will enable the company to locate and use the documents in their full content.

EDM also enables the operations of all the businesses of the company to be automated by ensuring that the data can be defined, analyzed, monitoring the processes. This system also enhances the routing, scheduling, and controlling of all the data used in the business globally.

This also is useful in the elimination of manual work which is slowing the company businesses since it involves large volumes of transactions hence the flow of work will be made easy and faster. This technology supports a lot of processes at a time hence beneficial to the company since it has a lot of departments who access the system at the same time unconditionally to get the files and documents stored.

Business processes

The various business processes which will be global are the sales and marketing processes. This will enable the establishment of a market capitalization of the company activities besides accessing the company information as and when needed to speed up the transactions. The accounting and finance business process is the other one that has to be global. This is because dealing with money is very sensitive and it should be accounted for at all times hence the need for an accounting and finance system which enhances close monitoring of the transactions and preparation of the final statements (Rinderle-Ma, et al., 2010).

Human resources management is another business process of the company which needs to be global as at every place of the company’s operations, there are people involved and the company policies need to adhere when hiring and appraising them hence the technology in use should enhance it. The production and service delivery also is a very important business process and it needs to be global so that there is close monitoring of customers satisfaction and the cash inflows. This is very important as it ensures that customers are satisfied with company products hence will always come back (McLoughlin & Aaker, 2010).

The customer care services also need to be global hence the system or the technology in place is the one that enhances the speed in data retrieval and processing the information of the customers much faster. This is geared towards satisfying the customer. Customers are very important assets to the company and are long-term hence their satisfaction is important. They bring long-term benefits to the company.

Importance of technology

Technology is very important to the company as it enhances the speed and efficiency in the company transactions hence there is customer satisfaction. The technology also is important since it leads to reduction of the cost of production which establishes reduced prices of the company products hence competitive advantage is achieved. The company workforce also will be reduced hence the cost associated with it is saved and can be used to expand the operations of the company.


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