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Streamlining business processes with appropriate information technology software’s is critical towards success in the world of today. This streamlining has been transforming businesses to operate in modern information age discarding the traditional way of conducting business or managing organizational resources. This has been important to many organizations because it has enhanced service delivery to both internal and external customers. With up-to-date software’s, business processes have been made faster, easier thus improving organizational output within its departments.

This paper discusses the application of Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP and Customer Relationship Management, CRM enhancing finance, human resource and marketing management in organizations.

Software Application

ERP Software

ERP is a software program which encompasses a set of activities that helps to shape and redefine businesses in the management of vital aspects of its core business. ERP plays a significant role in aligning business functions in finance and human resource management and other departments in an organization (Rainer & Efrahim, 2008, p. 34). The Structure and the information that is accrued from ERP software facilitate key performance required for attaining business corporate goals.

ERP Application in Finance

The market leaders or the best managed businesses in the world of today have embraced the ERP Financial Solution. According to Rainer & Efrahim, (2008, p. 33), the adoption of an ERP financial solution has in many cases proved to make financial management more efficient. Financial management is a cornerstone is charting organizational success. ERP software makes financial management easier and efficient due to a number of factors.

Finance and accounting is, in a sense, about ensuring there are enough checks and controls on how organizational finances flow. ERP program functions in a simple way; it has some internally embedded controls in its functions. With internal checks and controls, an ERP solution makes the preparation of accounts and other financial documents easier and fast. It is very easy to generate account statements at the end of every accounting period (Chorafas (2001, p.124). An ERP feature helps most companies to work with ease, because it can support various languages and currencies. Further, ERP software is standardized or tailored in a way that it supports international operations; it meets the international accounting and reporting standards. Financial ERP has various features and functions that enable organization achieve its financial management standards.

ERP Application in Human Resource

Human resource is a valuable asset in a successful business enterprise. Adoption of ERP software ensures continuous flow of Information related to labor or an organization’s personnel. When such information is received by the HR department it facilitates evaluations. Human resource related evaluations help organizations in establishing skill and knowledge needs and well as attitude related gaps or issues that have to be addressed (Chorafas, 2001,p. 103). The collection of such information is important for employees as it is instrumentally applied to encourage development of professionalism and improvement of working conditions within the organization. Besides, ERP Software enhances e- recruitment. The development of e-recruitment practice enabled by development of supporting ERP software play an important role in reduction of recruitment related costs for an organization.

CRM Software

CRM is equipped with a host of elements which maximizes managing and controlling marketing and other organizations activities located remotely (Pearlson and Saunders, 2005, p. 49). Thus, it enhances simplicity, user friendly and ensures smooth communication between vital sales and marketing activities. Elements such as; information technology, specific business goals and business management practices ensures a business remain competitive. Due to its capability, the CRM is designed to provide much needed facility to geographically dispersed businesses across a multi-platform with its functional units (Pearlson and Saunders, 2005, p. 59). This functionality of the CRM system is important and advantageous as it supports management in overseeing, finance and human resource management among other organizations activities.

CRM Application in Marketing

CRM software constitutes an important role in marketing. It helps to efficiently streamline processes involved in marketing, sales and enhances customer relationship roles. By embracing CRM in marketing, an organization is guaranteed of safety of marketing data, automation of essential marketing activities, coordination of marketing and sales thus influencing customer satisfaction (Pearlson and Saunders, 2005, p. 111). Besides, CRM ensures work allocated and performance monitoring is achieved by organization. Businesses which apply this application in their marketing functions are able to analyze market trends and pinpoint possibility of new markets timely than its competitors. All the activities of CRM are geared towards increasing organization marketing initiatives.


Effective management in an organization entails analyzing reliable information technology software which can aid elaborate management of organization business activities. ERP and CRM therefore contribute largely in streamlining finance, human resource management and marketing in most organizations.

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