Non-Physiological Gender Differences in Behavior & Attitudes

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Behaviorally, males will tend to work towards the provision of certain conditions that create security for the family in a mainly physical way. The actions and behaviors that come with this aspect include the man being with the family in the belief that in case of an attack, he should be the one confronting the intruder. This will be attitudinally complimented with the treatment of the female as not only weaker physically but unable to protect anyone in the family in a satisfactory way.

Other things that the man may do include the attempt to secure the family home. On the other hand, the female will have the attitude of being the physically weaker one, and therefore in need of protection from the male. Signs of worry and discomfort when the male is not around will be evident if the two have a close relationship. This is because the female will be feeling that the source of physical protection is missing. But at the same time, the female will be providing emotional support, which in this case is the best, according to the female understanding of human relations.

In addition to the above, the members of the attitude of the male gender have towards relationships are different from the attitudes that females have towards relationships. Males are never emotionally attached in relationships, and they display the “I do not care” kind of attitude. This is different from women who get emotionally bound to their partners. This explains why females tend to suffer frequent heartbreaks when relationships end.