Masculinity and Manhood in Personal Perception

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At present, I may not have a perceived concept of masculinity as a set of components that constituent a single notion. On the one hand, there are certain characteristics that I deem as masculine, such as a voice of specific depth and physiological characteristics. However, there is no single image of a masculine person that I can use to draw a line between a masculine and a feminine person, especially as far as their behavior and qualities are concerned. For instance, I do not attribute certain character traits typically associated with a specific gender, such as courage or flexibility, to a particular gender.

Therefore, my general attitude and relationship to masculinity and manhood are neutral. While I do realize that, due to persistent stereotypes, the phenomenon of toxic masculinity affects the lives of people all over the world, I am also open to men expressing themselves by exploring their personality and developing new characteristics. For instance, I am in favor of men trying to foster the development of characteristics that are typically regarded as female, such as empathy and propensity toward a compromise. The specified stance aligns with the policy of the NOMAS, which supports the current feminist movement.

The specified approach aligns with the ideas expressed by Kimmel and Zimbardo, who express concern for the social relationships driven by outdated and often harmful patriarchal myths. Overall, I strongly believe that any person has the right to express themselves through any means as long as they do not affect anyone negatively and do not reinforce harmful stereotypes. Once everyone receives the opportunity to be who they want to be, a positive shift in interpersonal and social relationships can be expected.