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Paris is not only an entertainment-oriented city, but it is also a picturesque covered city. Tourists should consider Paris as one of their ‘must visit’ cities. This should especially be the case for tourists who appreciate the majestic architecture, unique weather patterns, and various entertainment platforms. Despite some minor limitations, Paris is a tourist destination that should be considered by tourists across the world.

Cultural diversity

Perhaps one of the phenomenal qualities of Paris is the diversity in culture that is present among the people. Over the years, people from different parts of the world settled in the city, and this has resulted in the multicultural society living in the city. The majority of the people living in Paris are fluent in more than one language. French and English are the most popular languages among the people in the city, but the majority of tourists understand English rather than French. Millions of tourists visit Paris annually; hence, it should be on every tourist’s list of places to visit at least once in their life. The authorities in Paris have enhanced the security system in the city by placing police officers in the streets to patrol and ensure there is order. There are now strict laws in the city, as revealed by the freedom to smoke anywhere in the streets. The large population of tourists in the city translates to long queues in the museums and other sceneries; hence, it is clear that the city has irresistible tourist destinations. The authorities in the city have also invested in a subway for easy and fast transportation across the city. The subway station in the city overflows with tourists looking to visit different sceneries in the city.


Art is one of the many tourist attractions in Paris. For the people who appreciate different forms of art, Paris is a one-stop city that offers quite a variety of artistic works, both modern and ancient. One of the most popular artworks in the city is Graffiti. Many buildings in some parts of the city have professionally designed graffiti. Tourists visit the city to take photographs of the graffiti and borrow ideas from professional graffiti designers. Most of the houses in Paris have special wallpapers in the interior, which provides a unique interior environment. Interior designers have a chance to borrow ideas on wallpaper designs for buildings. Paris is a historic city with the presence of different architectural designs. Some of the buildings in the city existed centuries ago, and this makes them tourist attraction sites. The people in Paris appreciate classical music as an art, and tourists get to experience the expertise of some of the musicians in the streets. It is common to find professional saxophonists playing their instruments in the streets to entertain visitors to the city. The musicians offer free shows in the streets, and they interact freely with music lovers from across the world.

Historic architecture

Paris’ historic character thrives by the beautiful architectural structures around the city. Tourists visit the city to photograph the ancient buildings, which feature in popular magazines. Some of the historic structures in Paris gained their popularity through movies, and people from different parts of the world visit the city to acquire first-hand experiences with the structures. The Eiffel Tower is the most popular historic structure in Paris. The tower resembles a giant metal castle. Many tourists visit Paris with the main aim of enjoying the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower. The tower stands out in the city because it is visible from different parts of the city; hence, tourists can take photographs of the tower from different angles (Barthes 113). Besides the tower, Paris is home to a very big number of museums. The museums offer tourists a chance to experience the city’s history by showcasing some of the ancient material in the city as well as telling practical stories about the city. Tourists looking to spend several weeks in the city should take the challenge of visiting all the museums in Paris. The museums offer interesting knowledge about Paris and France in general; hence, historians should look forward to visiting the city.


The Eiffel Tower is normally the first scenery that tourists notice when they arrive in Paris. Its magnificence is an experience that everybody should desire to share. The tower is visible from different parts of the city; hence, tourists do not have to flock to a specific place to see it. The Eiffel Tower is an iconic landmark in Paris, and few tourists would leave the city without taking their photographs with the tower in the background. Some of the buildings in Paris have beautiful sceneries for tourists. For instance, there are ancient churches in the city, which attract many tourists annually looking to visit some of the first churches built in the European continent. Tourists can also take photographs of different landmarks in the city, including the museums and other buildings with a unique architectural character.


For tourists looking for the best entertainment packages, Paris is one of the most enticing destinations. To satisfy a large number of daily visitors to the city, entrepreneurs in Paris have constructed classy cafes and restaurants across the city. The restaurants offer special meals and drinks that only exist in Paris; hence, they add value to their affordable products. Entertainment is available in the streets as musicians are showcasing their talents with various instruments in the streets. Paris is a free city where people can use their talents to entertain visitors in the streets. It is very cheap to get entertained in Paris; hence, it is a viable destination for tourists with low budgets. There also is a variety of hotels in the city, which have a wide range of prices. The hotels target both the high-income and low-income tourists; thus, everyone can access affordable accommodation in the city. Perhaps its affordability is the biggest advantage of Paris as a tourist attraction city. Paris is not only a place for the elderly and tourists on professional sprees, but it also accommodates the youth. Young people have a chance to visit some of the most luxurious nightclubs in the city. Young people crowd the streets of Paris at night, and their main errand is to have fun in the nightclubs. For older people, there are also quiet nightclubs where they can enjoy bottles of champagne and cool music. There are also many restaurants offering romantic packages for lovers visiting the city. Tourists should consider visiting Paris to enjoy the entertainment packages provided in the city.

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