Qualitative Research Opportunities in the Field of Transportation

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In exploring the growth that transportation is experiencing from its cradle to current, a thin line of distinction may exist to distinguish it from development that is occurring in logistics management. Often that two may seem synonymous especially considering the diversity in the sectors that have customized the two as well as the introduction of technologies by the sector players to boost productivity from their transportation operations and logistics management. A holistic study investigating this area will require a prior understanding of elementary and intricate transportation and logistics components and understanding their applications in the respective sectors. Concerning the different sector applications, why consider being close a nexus between transportation and logistics management may vary and to some extent widely.

Furthermore, this difference can advance as different players within the same sector adopt different logistic solutions to a common (or different) transportation challenge facing them. Either way, the extent to which these issues will form the primary role in decision-making can vary as influenced by other secondary dynamics that closely depend on personalities in play. Secondary factors may constitute the level of technology applied, the financial status of the operator, and so on. Thus, what is regarded as primary in one scene may form the secondary bulk in another and vice versa. Further how the primary and secondary factors may partly blend. However, emerging trends indicate that there are central issues in transportation that are affecting alike every sector across the board and call for concerted efforts. This means adopting harmonious logistics solutions to reverse adverse impacts associated with these kinds of problems. These provide among research opportunities to venture an exploring bid of the existence and factors driving mutual interaction and coexistence between transportation and logistics management.

A central question for qualitative research can thus focus on the interactive experience shared by transportation operations and logistics management amid their growth with emerging global environmental concerns. A central question can pose, “What interactive experiences are shared by transportation and logistics management in mainstreaming global environment concerns?” Sub-questions associated with this will explore and narrow into why transportation operations and logistics management have coexisted? What does environmentally friendly transportation mean? Moreover, what has been the experience like in applying logistics solutions despite environmental concerns?