Reinventing Government Services and Performance

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Streamlining the Government business is a new type of technical development. This also helps the Government to involve more and more people directly in the public administration sphere. Al Gore launched a revolutionary concept about public administration. This also stops duplication in the process.

There are talks about outsourcing the business of the Government. But this cannot be supported. All the governmental works are directed towards the embitterment of the people who live under the Government. In any outsourcing work, the people who complete the work generally do not have the feeling of the real problems of the population they are working for. So, they will not provide enough effort. It is recommended that all the Governmental works must be done within the Government or by the people who live in that place. Governmental jobs must not be outsourced in any case.

The government tries to hire the best people from a community for serving the community. The hiring process of a government is directly proportional to the population. If the number of population is less than the Government can surely hire fewer people to do all the necessary works. However, if the government is dealing with a bigger population, then the Government must hire more and more men only to take care of the population. Generally, the persons working in a governmental sector get fixed pay. But this sometimes provides them with opportunities to relax and ignore their task.

Governmental work is one of the most important works and the pay should be synchronized with the work. If a person does not carefully complete his work he should be deprived of his pay. On the other hand, if anyone does some good work, he will get a hike in pay. This should be the pay structure of the Governmental agencies.