Research Designs: Similarities and Differences

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There are two categories of research designs. The first category is the quantitative research design. As far as this category of research design is concerned, a person resolute the link in between 1 item that an autonomous/independent and a different variable that is a reliant/dependent variable within a certainly given population. Quantitative research design is further categorized into descriptive or experimental. In descriptive quantitative design, the subjects are normally measured on one occasion. As far as an experimental research design is concerned, subjects are typically measured prior to and subsequent to treatment. Descriptive studies ascertain just the link between variables. On the other hand, an experiment ascertains causality.

The second category is the qualitative research design. It is a technique of inquest. It is suitable in various academic disciplines. The first academic discipline is social sciences. The other academic research is market research. The qualitative techniques will usually scrutinize the reason as to why and how of verdict making. These techniques will simply scrutinize first, what, second, where, and last, when. For this reason, a minor sample ought to be frequently used in qualitative research. In contrast, quantitative research employs bigger samples.

Qualitative techniques do generate information specifically barely on the cases studied. Furthermore, whichever extra broad conclusions are merely assumptions (informative guesses). On the other hand, as far as quantitative techniques are concerned, they may be employed in confirming the kind of assumptions derived from qualitative techniques are correct.