Twitter as the Most Creative Development

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First of all, we should define creativity. Creativity is the ability to create something new by using innovative or unusual approaches. In most cases, creativity comes from the specific vision of a situation and the ability to analyze it from a different angle. For the business world, creativity ensures the ability to generate a competitive advantage by using effective strategies for introducing unique offerings. Evaluating Twitter can be viewed as an extremely powerful development because of several reasons.

First, it establishes a creative environment as it provides multiple opportunities for debates and discussions for people from different regions of the world. The existence of numerous opinions on the same question helps to consider the most innovative ones and form a new vision that can be more creative than previous ones. Second, the creativity of Twitter is linked to its innovative nature and focus on technologies that can also foster the evolution of business. Under these conditions, this social network offers multiple opportunities for being creative.

Third, creativity and innovation are two fundamental elements of modern leadership, meaning that the extensive use of technologies is a key to boosting performance by employing unusual practices. From this perspective, Twitter offers multiple opportunities for brainstorming, debates, and collective thinking, which is central to using creative methods to attain different goals. Under these conditions, Twitter remains one of the powerful tools with an opportunity to affect the functioning of various companies and enhance their results because of the existence of a limitless number of creative solutions to many issues. Firms can look for new specialists using social media or ask for assistance in complex situations, which is a key to creativity and transformation.