Why God and Evolution Can Co-Exist

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Just like Christianity, science is a belief in the existence of the world. Over many years, since educational civilization, science has been in conflict with religion. There have been explorations in space and technological advancements to disapprove of God as the creator of heaven and earth. However, prominent physicists concluded by saying, God exists. Nevertheless, some scientists never believe in God and therefore science is a reality to them.

Indeed, there is one branch of science that causes a series of debate on whether creation and evolution is magnificent enough for people to believe in. this biological theory developed by Charles Darwin, is the one responsible for the non-coexistence between God and Evolution. The paper will examine how evolution can co-exist with God. Largely, this view depends on conviction rather than argument.

The Conflict

The conflict between science and God is more psychological than physiological as many can argue. To scientists, do research and perform different experiments, which in turn give birth to theories. These theories like the one written by Charles Darwin in the book Origin of Species, present a conflict between science and God. Moreover, a scientist of evolution believes wholly in evolution rather than creation stories. On a dimension geared towards harmonizing science and evolution, scientists in astronomy argue that the study of astronomy helps people to understand how marvelous God is by creating a complex universe. To this far, there is coexistence between God and science.

Evolution versus Creation

Scientists define evolution as the study of conceptual and progressive growth of species or organisms from simple to complex species or organisms. They believe that man evolved from an ape-like creature to a human being. On the other hand, Christians believe strongly in the creation of human beings and not otherwise. To this far, God and evolution are in total parallelism. To harmonize these two parallel views, both scientists and theologians must be logical in their arguments.

To begin with, both scientists and theologians agree that, God might have used evolution to create the world and its inhabitants. However, scientists do not agree with the book of Genesis, especially in the first chapter. Their view is that the universe and earth, formed at different periods while the Bible claims depict that, God created the universe and earth at the same time and only a few thousand years ago. To agree, scientists hold views that; the Bible is allegorical and any reader should not take it as a scientific book or journal. This is because; the Bible is always contradictory and therefore, it needs logical rather than scientific interpretations.

The coexistence of evolution and God came because of evolution being unable to prove some facts on nature. For example, modern physicists unsuccessfully failed to give enlightenment on the time God created the universe and earth. From this ad many other scientific failures, modern scientists avoid any research that is contradictory to God. Because evolution cannot prone faith and God scientifically, scientists cannot rule out God as a creator of the universe and earth.

The harmony between evolution and God is a hat, evolution is good in answering questions on how the earth and universe came into existence. On the other hand, God answers why they are in that form. This brings coexistence between God and evolution. Scientific researches like stem cell contradict religion on moral grounds. Since science is to truth and religion is to ethics, then sciences define God by doing the truth to prove ethical at all times.


Great scientists like Isaac Newton believe that God created the laws of motion. Likewise, to evolution scientists, many believe that God created the universe and earth. Science without God is incomplete and lacks proper ideas, facts, and exactitude. Although some scientists do not believe in God, the inability of creation to explain some evolution facts like macroevolution and microevolution leaves no option, other than the coexistence of God and evolution.