“The Quantum Leads in the Wrong Direction” by Wynn

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Quantum Leads in the Wrong Direction just presents the instances that have been affecting the natural science field as it sets a straight record by clearly demonstrating the wrong brand of science and comparing it with the true scientific approaches that are pseudoscience which is subject to challenge through critical and rational thought, the book continues to draw a line between the good aspects of science and the fiction in the natural science as it bases its arguments on real evidence rather than natural phenomenon which are vulnerable to deficient and unproven ideas. Through the book, scientific topics are subjected to major scrutiny and providing science topics that have been thought of as mysteries in detail which in the long run are the ideas that are the true representation of science.

The Quantum Leads in the Wrong Direction has been the challenged theories of confirmation which had been laid down in the past concerning the natural science in its quantitative confirmation of hypothesis and degrees of evidence. The book gives scientific explanations which are deductive nomological models and deductive arguments. The explanation and argument’s conclusion are the true intentions of the past conclusion and evidence which are meant to only convince but not to provide the truth of the theories, in systematizing his data he was able to propose quantitative measures of power. The inductive logic was abandoned as it lays its emphasis was strongly on the problems of logical positivism more so those concerning the criteria verification as he reiterated the logical positivist’s science analysis to empirical sociology of science analysis.

In the analysis for the logical model, he takes a case of crop cycle which is thought to become the crop in the particular place if it was repeatedly planted, according to the book these are just but pragmatic aspects that should not be taken into consideration and that such features required scientific backing in terms of laws and facts. The Quantum Leads in the Wrong Direction describe a fundamental theory as a true statement with quantifiers that are not removable and there are no present constants.

The book also adds that logical consequences are derivatives of generalized terms and statements are sources of derived theory Quantum Leads in the Wrong Direction argues that scientific theories are universal statements used and are expressed by generalized properties which are justifiable by facts, and are constant in all times and do not change with time and the space. Nevertheless, some laws are only true under certain limited conditions and are inclusive of the sun and its planets hence a clear cut difference between the fundamental theory (no restrictions involved) and a derived theory that has reference to individual bodies is observed, thus the scientific laws are not theories to make predictions from but genuine and reliable statements which describe the realistic and provable with a point of view.

The Quantum Leads in the Wrong Direction states that prediction and explanation have the same structure logically and explanation can forecast a valid explanation which can be used to justify scientific explanations in a deductive and nomological modeled account. The author in addition notes that inductive explanation in the statistical laws which gives a high probability which was not consequences of logical premises which is a law cover. The laws are determiners of statistical laws and which are administrable. The book presents its ideas through cartoons to show statements such as the statement (x) in which (Rx-Bx) which are supported by the statement (Ra&Ba) and said if P1 and P2 are logically equivalent statements then O1 confirms P1 and O2 supports P2.

The author uses the outline of the scientific methodology to describe physical quantities that are defined by concluding that when two bodies have the same and that different bodies haze different masses and if balanced their masses remain constant and if one has a greater mass than the other then they cannot reach to an equilibrium that’s why the difference in the weight in different gravitational zones.


Charles M. Wynn, Arthur W. Wiggins (2001). Quantum Leaps in the Wrong Direction.