Automated Filing System for Teachers

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A Challenge to Be Solved

Teachers are crucial stakeholders in the educational system. They provide their students with knowledge; nevertheless, in most cases, the preparation for the lessons may take long hours that may even last into days to arrange their lesson plans on their personal processors. Although computers are faster than the traditional filing system, teachers still have to manually set the lesson plans on their personal laptops or other devices. In addition, at times, their lesson plans are mixed-up; hence, the lesson plans create confusion when teaching the students. Therefore, it will be prudent to develop a decent filing system that will automatically arrange the lesson plan on the teachers’ personal computers according to the level of difficulty, subject matter, and the number of hours needed to finish a topic, among others. The filing system will make work easier for the teachers, making them concentrate on providing the students with information, hence making the learners knowledgeable and productive.

Nature for an Analogous Situation

An analogy from nature is derived from the point that illustrates that all problems on the planet, regardless of the intensity, have already been given a solution in one way or another by nature. Therefore, human beings must identify the solution that nature has offered to the problem and use it in the appropriate context. In other words, the inventions that people discover always originate from nature. In this context, it refers to the surrounding environment that is both visible and invisible. For example, submarines currently use the sonar technique to communicate and convey information. However, the same system is used by bats and whales to speak and move from one location to another. Therefore, nature solved the problem by demonstrating that these animals can use wave vibrations to communicate and identify an obstacle that is ahead of them when moving.

Connections to the Challenge

Nature can help to solve the issue of developing a decent automated filing system. Dorylus is a type of ant that is mainly found in east and central Africa. The ant, which is also referred to as a safari ant, always moves in a straight line on a path identified by the leader. The Dorylus are usually given tasks to perform, and their duties never conflict, and they automatically group themselves using the system of colonies. Therefore, the filing system can adopt the colonies’ approach to group and organizing the files according to their difficulty, subject matter, and class duration.